"21st Century White Moon Man" is the opening track on The Star, the Cloud, and the Moon EP. It is a remix of "21st Century Schizoid Man" by King Crimson. It is one of the only two songs on the EP with no guest rappers. It consists of only three verses, but the second and third verse are separated by an extended musical breakdown, making this the second longest studio-recorded Moon Man track, second only to "Hey Jude".

Lyrics Edit

Niggers blood, iron cross Feminazis scream like whores I'd like to gas six million more 21st Century White Moon Man

Kill jews with barbed wire All minorities, funeral pyre Your mom raped with napalm fire 21st Century White Moon Man

Spics plead, jewish man's greed Niggers starving, niggers bleed Nothing I kill we really need 21st Century White Moon Man

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