Since 1996, the 669 show has dominated late night radio in Cleveland, Ohio. Airing early Saturday morning from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. on WCSB 89.3 FM,[1] the show has become a beacon for freaks of all types who are up listening to the airwaves. The show is a mix of punk rock, metal, crank calls, various audio oddities, and a non-stop barrage of serial callers. As one of the last bastards of Free Speech, host Sweetass Sassafrass helms this white knuckle ride to the bottom of radio history. Airing during safe harbor, the time the FCC allows stations to air indecent material, the 669 show is easily one of the most offensive and disturbing programs you will ever love. Peppered with an unhealthy dose of humor and sarcasm, 669 is a recipe for disaster that has boiled over onto the world on the live web stream. Acting as a game plan for personal ruin, the show has encouraged the moral decay of many of its listeners. 669 lives up to its tagline of "Helping you hurt yourself."[1]

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The first hour of the show is known as the "Wonderful One O'Clock Hour," the second hour the "Terrible Two O'Clock Hour," and the third hour the "Throbbing Three O'Clock Hour." Whether you are "The President" Slothman in all of his gory glory or S Dot who keeps stirring the pot of controversy; not to mention "Jack" who keeps us updated with the variable "Deaths of the Week," this is the place you want to be for your daily dose of Sassy. Read up on your favorite late night radio host; take a look at the image gallery; hell, maybe link yourself up and listen in live via WCSB's Webcast.</i>

Notoriety Edit

The show was voted as Cleveland Scene's Best Of in 2005.
As the "sick, sick mind behind 669," Craig Callander helms the most scatological show on the Cleveland airwaves. Otherwise known as Dr. Lance Underpants and Sweet Ass Sassafrass, Callander comes with a nonstop barrage of oddball in-studio guests (everyone from the Insane Clown Posse to Cleveland furniture czar Marc Brown) and humor as black and sticky as an oil spill. In between blasting everything from vintage punk to Tiny Tim, Callander fields calls from naked Puerto Rican chicks, cops, and dudes pretending to be robots named Zeldar. During a recent show (his program airs Saturday mornings from 1 to 4 a.m.), Callander attempted to encapsulate the mirth and misanthropy that is 669. "Let's sum it up with a few adjectives," he began. "Obviously, it's musky. It's helpful, inflammatory, swollen, subliminal, special - like short-bus special. It's Dee Sniderish and Judas Priestly. Understandable? Not so much."

The show and Callander as the leader of the program have been nominated as the best radio show in Cleveland on more than one occasion and constantly receives praise from some of the alternative publications in the city including Best College Radio Personality for 2005.

The show has also been a place for both local and major celebrities to stop by on a late Friday night. Most recently Crispin Glover of Back to the Future fame was on the show; along with people like Drew Carey, Insane Clown Posse, and Doug Stanhope.

Norton Furniture Commercials Edit

Sweetass (Craig Callander) has taken part in a slew of Norton Furniture commercials including "Caveman," "Look At Those Babies" and "Twas The Night Before Christmas." He has appeared in over ten commercials to date (Jan 2008) and continues to take part in the filming of addition quirkly spots for the late night furniture salesman. Most of the videos can be seen on the YouTube website with a simple search; including ones of the far past that have been uploaded by fans of the quirky commercials.

Best Of in Cleveland, Ohio Edit

1999 - Best DJ in Cleveland - Craig Callander

2000 - Best College Radio Station - WCSB 89.3FM
2000 - Best DJ - Craig Callander
2002 - Best College Radio Show - 669
2003 - Best College Radio Show - 669 on WCSB-FM
2004 - Best Radio Programming - WCSB-FM 89.3
2005 - Best College Radio Personality - Craig Callander

2008 - Best College Radio Personality - Craig Callander

Craig Callander is also up for 2009 Best College Radio Personality in Cleveland, Ohio once again from Cleveland Scene Magazine.

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