"A Message from Moonman" is one of the many remixes of "The Next Episode" by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, and Kurupt. It appears on the remix compilation album Beating Another Dead Nigger.

Lyrics Edit

Lol you guys thought we were coming back? Lol no the Illuminati meme is dead Fuck off Well if you guys are still here I might as well offend you all to show how we play you Like Whites play the cards in life Well we hate fucking niggers here in the White House Obama get the fuck out here you beaner It's time for Moonman and Trump to take control And make the Fourth Reich Now niggers sit down in the sewer, where you belong Jews? No, no jews We need the Fourth Reich to get rid of those worthless shits Who will do anything for a coin God, their fucking big-ass nose makes me wonder How they died in the concentration camp Surely there must be a fucking gas mask or something Speaking of gas, tacos Mexicans are the beaners who ruined this country We need a wall that when they get close to it Will brutally murder those useless shits Back into their cartel shithole of a country Also what's with all the feminists lately? Have men not been keeping them in the kitchen Where they fucking belong? The only time they should be out is getting the groceries Speaking of males and females, those are the only two genders No pangender shit Fuck outta here you queers There are only two sexualities Right and wrong God fucking damn Islam and thier shit ways That makes me wonder how those sandniggers Are still on the face of the Earth Maybe I should go to a mosquew And bang bang bang all of their heads right off their fucking body Maybe they would learn where to fucking go Go all the way back to Syria And deal with their worthless lives there Along with them we must get rid of all the chinks Seriously we don't need a chink to have a restaurant on every corner With their chicken fry rice and dead dogs God I wish we nuked them harder in 1945 They are too lucky, too They got Fallout 4 before we did Anyway thanks for listening to this shit I had to say This is the end of Illumnati 420 confirmed See you guys on the other side

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