A Morass
Directed by Shane James Bordas
Produced by Paradyll Productions
Written by Shane James Bordas
Starring Vincent van Ommen
Music by Matt Kennedy
Cinematography Ross Taliana
Country UK
Language English

A Morass is a neo-noir spy film. Shot in 5 days, it was made in accordance with the 5 Day Features manifesto created by UK filmmaker Shane Meadows and producer Mark Herbert of Warp Films. Produced by Paradyll Productions [1], it is currently listed in the 'British Films in Progress' section of the British Council website .

The film features Vincent van Ommen (Life Is An Art, Reiki) in the lead role of 'Traveller' and Alessandro Giuggioli (Me & Orson Welles, Genova, The Nativity Story) in the supporting role of 'The Professor'.


Secret agent Traveller works for an organization known only as The Bureau. Having disgraced himself on his last mission, Traveller is taken out of the cold and given one last chance with a cryptic objective: he must find the mysterious Sterns.

Re-entering the world from The Bureau’s scrapheap, Traveller is instructed to keep a Dictaphone record of his every movement. On his journey, Traveller must contend with the ghosts of his past and mine his way through traps set by enemy operatives in his search for the answer to the ultimate question: who is Sterns?


  • Vincent van Ommen - Traveller
  • Alessandro Giuggioli - Professor
  • Margherita Murolo - Valeria


  1. UK independent filmmaking partnership founded by director Shane James Bordas and cinematographer Ross Taliana.

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