Dungeons & Dragons creature
Alignment Lawful (any)
Type Monstrous humanoid
Source books 3E Monster Manual II
First appearance
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the abeil are a fictional monstrous humanoid race. They resemble humanoid bees. They are also known as Bee People.

Physical Description Edit

Abeils, as said before, resemble humanoid bees. They have a humanoid body but with insect's legs, wings, antennae, and black and yellow stripes.

Society Edit

Abeil are industrious and expansionistic creatures with a complex social structure. Three castes of them exist: Vassals, Soldiers and Queens. They work and live together in hives.

Several Different Types of Abeil Exist:

  • Vassals serve as the workers and laborers for the hive.
  • Soldiers serve as the warriors. They account for fully a third of the population.
  • Queens are the leaders. They rule hives with absolute power; all abeil live and die by their queen's hand.

Environment Edit

Abeil live in temperate to warm deserts, hills, and plains.

Miscellaneous Edit

Abeil are usually of any lawful alignment.

Abeil appeared in the 3.5 Edition Monster Manual II.

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