In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, aberration is a type of creature, or "creature type." Aberrations generally all have bizarre anatomies, strange abilities, alien mindsets, or any combination thereof.

All aberrations have darkvision out to sixty feet. As a group, they have no other special abilities or immunities.

Aberrations in the Monster ManualEdit

Aberrations from Monster Manual IIEdit

Aberrations from Monster Manual IIIEdit

Aberrations in the Fiend FolioEdit

  • Ahuizotl
  • Chwidencha
  • Darkweaver
  • Ethergaunt
  • Half-Illithid template
  • Maulgoth
  • Ocularon
  • Phiuhl
  • Rukanyr
  • Skybleeder
  • Slasrath
  • Spectral Lurker
  • Symbionts (Cerebral)
  • Tunnel Terror
  • Yuan-Ti Anathema

Aberrations in the Expanded Psionics HandbookEdit

  • Elan
  • Folugub
  • Intellect Devourer
  • Neolithid
  • Temporal Filcher
  • Thought Eater
  • Thought Slayer

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