Aboras (アボラス Aborasu?) was one of two ancient monsters that appeared in an Ultraman episode known in English as "The Red and the Blue." Aboras's counterpart was Banila. Aboras appears as a blue-skinned theropod-like creature with a large tyrannosaur-like head, a single ceratosaur-like horn, and a jagged-tooth mouth. Aboras has a breath weapon, exhaling a fog that condenses into an acidic, sticky foam on the target area. Given sufficient time, the foam will dissolve all organic and even some inorganic material. The suit used for Aboras itself is a modification of the Red King suit from a previous episode titled "The Monster Lawless Zone".

Subtitle: Blue Foaming Monster (青色発泡怪獣 Seishoku Happō Kaijū?).

Ultraman Edit

Aboras is an ancient devil kaiju sealed away long ago along with his mortal enemy Banila. One day, Aboras’ blue capsule was discovered by an excavation. The Science Patrol were brought in to investigate, discovering it was over three hundred thousand years old. It was taken for study while Banila’s capsule remained undiscovered. Aboras’ capsule was examined in the lab along with the other contents of his capsule. They tried to open the capsule with all sorts of techniques, finally shocking it with an electric beam. The beam of electricity brought life back into the ancient terror. However, it was discovered too late what the capsule truly contained from the message left by the ones who sealed them away and Aboras was unleashed. Aboras began by instantly releasing his acid on the surrounding city, melting buildings to nothingness in seconds. The prehistoric terror resumed his question for destruction after 300 thousand years of imprisonment. The only hope the Science Patrol could find is that Aboras and Banila’s territorial nature would make them fight. Sure enough, when Aboras and Banila met, the duo went at one another with feral fury. The two fought a brutal even battle with one another, neither able to overwhelm his opponent. However, the Science Patrol interfered in the clash but the monsters paid no heed. Aboras managed to topple Banila to the ground, allowing the Science Patrol to shoot out the red monster’s eye,. Aboras took advantage by melting his nemesis with his acid. Before the blue devil kaiju would celebrate his victory over Banila, Ultraman came into the fray and they began fighting, Aboras’ hide and strength proved a challenging foe. He managed to wound the hero with his acid, causing his timer to blink. Still, none of Ultraman’s moves could hurt the devil beast, even the Specium Ray. Ultraman dodged Aboras’ acid and fired the Specium Ray two more times into exactly the same spot, finally destroying the second devil beast.

The Ultraman Edit

This monster re-appeared in the series The Ultraman.

Housed within the rocky confines of the disguised Baladon spaceship, nightmares waited to be unleashed. When the Science Garrison moved in to investigate the new island, several kaiju were let out of their cages, one being Aboras. The horned titan quickly drew battle against another of its kind, Banila. As chaos ripped through the island, the forces began to bomb it. This only halted the action for a brief second, but when Ultraman Jonias was summoned, Aboras and its monstrous brothers were ultimately destroyed by the hero’s Planium Ray.

Ultraman Powered Edit

This monster re-appeared in the series Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, again alongside Banila. This re-imagining had Aboras spray his acid as a blue liquid. This was the monster's only re-appearance so far.

One of two devil kaiju created by an advanced civilization from 1300 BC, Aboras was locked away with Banila in special sarcofiguses. After Banila's sarcofigus was found, WINR translated the hieroglyphics and revealed the warning of the existence of the two devil kaiju. Fortunately, both of them could only emerge if their sarcofiguses were exposed to certain sounds. However, a young couple made their way into a cave in Clear Water Canyon and found the sarcofigus of Aboras. The sounds from the pictures unintentionally awakened Aboras as a stream of blue light came from the sarcofigus and the creature emerged from a small plateau. As WINR found Aboras walking around, Banila's sarcofigus did the very same thing at WINR's base and was heading out of a resivour. The two devil kaiju met in a Los Angeles neighborhood on the outskirts of the main city where they began to battle. Aboras seemed to have won the battle with his melting liquid usntil Banila used acidic reformation to continue his attack. While Banila was secretly reforming, Aboras continued his rampage and was unharmed by anything WINR could throw at him. As the two devil kaiju fought each other again, Kenichi turned into Ultraman Powered. During the battle, WINR used a special machine to emit 23,000 herts, greatly weakening both devil kaiju and allowed Powered to destroy Aboras and then Banila with the Mega Specium Ray.


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