Aden Jefferies is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Home and Away. First appearing as a recurring guest character, he is now a regular on the show.[1] He has been portrayed by Todd Lasance since 2005.

Family BackgroundEdit

Aden's grandfather is a war hero. He has a older brother, Sean, who has referred to in at least one instance as having been in gaol. He was young when his mother died and was subsequintly raised by his father, Larry. He has something against people mentioning his grandfather. He also hates the army because they feel they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

Recently he was diagnosed HIV Negative, which usually is something good, but he doesn't think so.


Cassie TurnerEdit

Aden first appeared as a student at Summer Bay High School and soon after began dating Cassie Turner. Their relationship ended after Ric Dalby (Cassie's foster brother and ex-boyfriend) was beaten up and almost killed by Aden's older brother, Sean. Since the relationship ended Aden and Cassie have not stayed friends. In late 2007 he was in hospital with a serious leg injury after being involved in a car crash caused by Cassie. 2008- He is now angry that he may have HIV given to him by Cassie due to the car crash.

Geoff Campbell and Tony HoldenEdit

Aden returned in 2007 and began bullying Geoff Campbell who played on the same football team as him by having the team turn against Geoff. In one incident Aden and the boys tricked Geoff into drinking vast amounts of alcohol and putting him the boot of Tony Holden's car and leaving him there overnight.

Recently, Aden has punched Tony Holden.During the final exams he passed out and was taken to hospital.

Tamsyn ArmstrongEdit

In mid-2007 he caused a stir when he had a brief fling with Tamsyn Armstrong (Brad's half-sister), then humiliating her by asking her to the Year 12 formal then dumping her and later video messaging the whole school a video of them making out on the beach.

A New Side To AdenEdit

Annie CampbellEdit

February 2008 saw a different side of Aden emerge when he tried to help Annie Campbell after finding her drunk and passed out on the beach, when Geoff and Tony found him dragging her from the beach they accused him of getting her drunk. Annie was taken to hospital with a very bad hangover and no memory of what went on, Aden later sort legal help from none other than Morag Bellingham after Annie lied to Roman saying that Aden had got her drunk and attempted to assault her. During this time he had a run in with Irene which ended in Irene knocking him to the ground causing his still healing leg to be re-injuried, and Aden proclaiming that he'd be suing the Diner. Soon after the incident with Irene, Annie admitted she had lied and the charges against Aden were dropped.


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