Adrien Lorion (born April 29, 1972 in Montreal, Quebec) is an art director and film writer. The 30th Montreal World Film Festival presents its idea original in the official opening show : Cadavre Exquis premiere edition. A group of ten film directors, scriptwriters and professional musicians took the exquisite corpse concept to a new level with the fusion of the art of film-making and song-writing.



  • 2009 : Déraisonnable (Rivage/ DEP) - L'Anse des Anges. Lyrics: Adrien Lorion. / Véronique Bellemare Brière. Music : David Étienne
  • 2009 : Déraisonnable (Rivage/ DEP) - Alligator. Lyrics: David Étienne / Adrien Lorion. Music : David Étienne
  • 2009 : Déraisonnable (Rivage/ DEP) - Bangkok City. Lyrics: Adrien Lorion. Music : David Étienne
  • 2006 : Cadavre Exquis premiere edition : Original idea, art director and design
  • 1998 : Libéré sur Parole (PGC-Select) - Desilusiones. Lyrics : Adrien Lorion / Andres Finzi. Music: David Étienne. Homage to Domingo Faustino Sarmiento: «On ne tue point les idées »
  • 1996 : Underground Montreal - Volume 1 : Co-director


  • 2000 et 2001: Festibel, the music festival : Logo and design director

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