In the fictional Star Trek universe, the Aeroshuttle (also known as Aeroship and Aerowing) [1] is a large shuttlecraft stored in the underside of the saucer section of Intrepid class starships, such as the U.S.S. Voyager. The Aeroshuttle's exact function, size and crew complement have never been revealed, although it most likely serves as a long range courier similar to a runabout or scout.

The Aeroshuttle never appeared onscreen in the entire series of Star Trek: Voyager, although there do exist test sequences of computer animation showing the Aeroshuttle undocking from the ship. Later in the series, Voyager crewmembers designed and built a new, larger shuttle, the Delta Flyer, apparently to fulfill certain functions (such as operating underwater or in severely hot/irradiated environments) which the Aeroshuttle could not handle.

See also: Captain's yacht.

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