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Agent 17 is a fictional Character from the Hitman series of computer games he only features in Hitman 2 Silent Assassin here he is killed by 47.


Agent 17 or (17) was Dr. Ort-Meyers first working assassin he was created in the late 50's and he was 47 predecessor[1].

Ort-Meyer relased 17 into civilisation and he worked as an assassin, he did not like 47 work for an agency he worked privately[2].

Not much is really known about his early life other than he is a class purple or (2) clone (class 2 clones usually have a life span of 19 months). But 17 out lived his life expectancy by many years.

He is first seen in Afganistan where he consealed himself behind several boxes the Cult members then kill several Russian soldiers then one Russian emerges from behind the helicopter and points his AKS-74Y at the Cult members 17 then appears and eliminates the guard with his fiber wire. He is then seen again in the Cult's Gudwarra he is stood next to a man in a turban, then he when 47 kills the Cult leader and is heading for a small boat 17 shoots at 47 but misses he then runs through a door then is not seen again until Russia he is in the Pushkin building he seems to have been hired a mystery man 17 then shoots at 47 misses then 47 kills him and says.[3]

Another brother thought I killed all of you.[4]


He looks exacly the same as 47 physically but his attire is different he has a blue suit, Orange tie and sunglasses. His weapons differ too he has a WA2000 sniper same as 47 but he has a Desert Eagle not Silverballers[5].


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