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Agent Johnson, one of the characters from the The Matrix Series, is played by actor and martial arts expert, Daniel Bernhardt (born on August 31, 1965, in Worblaufen BE, Switzerland).

Johnson's PositionEdit

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Agent Johnson is one of the upgraded Agents. He looks more bigger and muscular than any of the previous Agents before him. Johnson, presumably succeeded Agent Smith and also appears to be the leader of the other two upgraded Agents (Jackson and Thompson). Even though not making as big of an impact that Smith did in The Matrix, Johnson was almost successful in his objectives.

Fight with NeoEdit

Six months after the events of the first film, The Matrix, there was an emergency meeting of all Zion's Hovercraft Ship Fleet in an old building. Neo, who attended the meeting, "senses" that danger is nearby (Smith and the upgraded Agents). Smith gives one of the body guards an envelope and leaves. Neo leaves the meeting, goes to the body guards and receives an ear piece that belonged to Smith. After that he and the body guards see the iron door of the building crumbling down. Neo tells the body guards to leave and warn the others because Agents are coming.
The body guards leave and Agent Johnson busts his way through the door. He referred to Neo as being "only human", telling Neo that he isn’t as powerful as he thinks or that the prophecy (which Morpheus believed in) states. Neo tries to fight Johnson the same way he fought Smith in The Matrix but quickly realizes that he is upgraded to prevent that, instead Johnson blocks Neo's punch. The other upgraded Agents, Jackson and Thompson join the fight. Getting more serious Neo fights all three upgraded Agents at the same time and defeats them.

Attempt to kill the rebelsEdit

In the "Freeway Chase" Agents Johnson and Jackson take over the bodies of 2 police officers and drive their police car to join The Twins in an effort to kill The Keymaker, Trinity, and Morpheus. While The Twins were fighting Morpheus and Trinity inside their car, Johnson goes on top of the police car, jumps to a car in between the police car and the car Trinity was driving and leaps to the front of her car. The landing impact that Johnson put in the middle car caused it to flip over and destroy most of the other cars behind it. After getting his balance, Johnson rips open the roof of the car. Morpheus tries to shoot Johnson, but the Agent dodges all of his bullets. After seeing that Agent Johnson was going to be a great threat, and one of The Twins is still inside the car, Trinity steps on the brakes, which causes Johnson to fly out of the car.

Defeating MorpheusEdit

After Agent Johnson was thrown out of the car by Trinity, he was abandoned on the freeway. While the other upgraded Agents were chasing Trinity, and The Keymaker; Johnson, assumably, took over a police car. Then, upgraded Agent Jackson informs Johnson that The Keymaker is with Morpheus on top of a white truck. Johnson most likely drove the police car to the end of a side of the freeway. He saw the truck coming, jumped and landed on the same truck that Morpheus and The Keymaker were at. Morpheus tells The Keymaker to stay back.

Agent Johnson and Morpheus confront each other and start fighting. Morpheus tries to shoot Johnson but he knocks the gun out of the truck. Johnson dominates the fight, throws Morpheus around and almost out of the truck. Morpheus grabs his sword and tries to slice Johnson but misses because it's being dodged. He catches Johnson in one of the swipes, a little swipe on the cheek and Johnson starts bleeding a little. Morpheus then goes for a stab, but misses Johnson and stabs the roof of the truck instead. Johnson takes the opportunity to capitalize, he knocks the sword out of the truck and punches Morpheus so hard that he flies over to the other side of the truck. Morpheus lands on the tip of the back of the truck. He tries to hold his balance but falls out of the truck.

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