Dungeons & Dragons creature
Source books Fiend Folio
First appearance Fiend Folio (April 2003)
Mythological origins Ahuizotl[1]
Image image

The Ahuizotl is a fictional creature in the role playing game Dungeons & Dragons.

Publication historyEdit

The Ahuizotl was created by James Jacobs and first appeared in the April, 2003 edition of the Fiend Folio.[1]


The Ahuizotl resembles a fiendish monkey, with a dog-like head and legs (though it has also been described as a nightmarish creature that it is more panther-like). It is sleek and glossy, with brown fur on the topside and white fur on the underbelly. The most distinguishing feature of the Ahuizotl, however, is that it has a fifth clawed, muscular hand on the end of its long, prehensile tail. It was inspired by a mythological Aztec creature of the same name.

The Ahuizotl dwells in swamps and marshes. It is solitary and intelligent, and enjoys causing pain and suffering and feeding on victims. Its favorite body parts to eat are the eyes, teeth and fingernails. Its hunts by hiding underwater or in the undergrowth and attacks with the claw on the end of its tail.



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