Alexander "Alex" Rupert O'Connell is a fictional character from the 2001 film The Mummy Returns and its sequel, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Fictional biographyEdit

The Mummy ReturnsEdit

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Rick and Evelyn are now married and have a son, named Alex, who is eight years old. He puts on the Bracelet of Anubis, and therefore must be inside the Golden Pyramid before the sun rises on the 7th day after putting on the bracelet. He is successful in this, by the help of his father, Rick O'Connell, who carried him into the pyramid as it was draining his energy. He is also able to speak Ancient Egyptian thanks to Evy teaching him it and resurrects her with the Book of the Dead, although he gets stuck on the symbol for Ameniphes.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Edit

Alex O'Connell is now twenty-one years old, and extremely headstrong. He has dropped out of college, and is on a dig in China, to find the tomb of the Dragon Emperor. He is successful in finding the tomb, but is nearly killed by a strange attacker, who we subsequently find out is a young Chinese woman named Lin, who has been guarding the Emperor's tomb from archeologists like Alex. He has a strained relationship with both of his parents, but with his father especially. They all meet unexpectedly in China, where Alex is because of his dig, and where his parents, Evy and Rick, come to see Jonathan, Alex's uncle, and where his parents are taking the Eye of Shangri-La to the Shanghai Museum. When the Emperor is awakened, Alex, his parents, his uncle, and Lin, must find a way to kill the Emperor. Alex also develops a mutual attraction to Lin, but Lin initially fights this.

After a battle with the Emperor and his forces, Rick is mortally wounded. Alex, Evelyn, and Lin take him to Shangri-la. There, they meet Lin's immortal mother, who heals Rick with elixir of immortality. While here, Alex finds out Lin and her mother have been protecting the pool from the Emperor for over 2000 years (both are immortal). He also finds out Lin is resisting their attraction because she doesn't want to see Alex die while she'll live.

Soon after Rick recovers, the Emperor shows up and succeeded in drinking from the pool, making himself immortal. He then kidnaps Lin and takes her to his resting place. Alex, his parents and Lin's mother give chase, and manage to get there before the Emperor does. After Lin's mother raises an army of the Emperor's dead enemies, the Emperor's terracotta army engages in battle with it. During this time, Alex manages to free Lin.

Later, Alex and Rick confront the Emperor. After the Emperor breaks a cursed dagger with the power to kill him, Alex takes half of the blade and plunges it into the Emperor's heart from one side while Rick uses the other half to do the same from the other side, killing the Emperor. Sometime later, Alex celebrates their victory at Jonathan's night club. Also, since Lin's mother sacrificed her and Lin's immortality to revive the undead army, Lin and Alex are finally able to be together.

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