Alias is the name of the female warrior who is a hero of the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting. She is not a natural human being, but instead the construct of an alliance between several powerful groups. Her first appearance is in the novel Azure Bonds, written by Jeff Grubb and Kate Novak.


Alias is a beautiful young woman with green eyes and reddish-blonde hair. She also has a set of twisting blue runes tattooed on her right arm, which previously represented her creators, but with their defeat, are a simple swirl of thorns and waves, ending with a rose at the wrist.


Alias's origins are with Finder Wyvernspur, a bard and hero, who feared the loss of his great artistic works at the end of his life. In order to prevent that, he attempted to create a clone of himself, but he failed in that endeavor, killing one of his assistants and injuring another, leading the Harpers to erase his very name from existence and banish him to the Citadel of White Exile.

However, this was not complete, and a powerful sorceress, Cassana of Westgate learned of Finder's actions, and sought him out, in order to remake his creation. Together with him, her former lover, the lich Zrie Praxis, the Cult of Moander, the Fire Knives, a band of assassins, and the demon Phalse, the allied group united to create their own clone, which was made in Cassana's image.

The sigils which were formerly on Alias's right arm are:

  • insect squiggle for Cassana
  • interlocked rings for Zrie Praxis
  • jawed palm for Moander
  • flaming dagger of the Fire Knives
  • blue upon blue circle of Phalse
  • a blank spot, now replaced by a rose, for Finder Wyvernspur

Later Alias found herself changing the songs she would sing in inns and taverns, turning them into songs about destroying the land and otherwise desecrating it. Eventually, it came out that Alias had become a "soul singer," a type of saurial oracle who could make known the status of saurials in distant areas. The soul songs Alias was singing were warnings of the return of Moander.

After reuniting with her friends from Azure Bonds and learning the truth of Finder's history regarding her creation, Alias was instrumental in helping Finder make the final steps to destroy Moander.

Afterwards, having apparently aided the displaced saurials to create a new home in the Lost Vale, Alias began taking missions from the Harpers, as seen in the book Masquerades.


It was revealed at the climax of Azure Bonds that several additional versions of Alias had been made, by the demon Phalse. These clones disappeared upon Phalse's defeat, teleported to parts unknown. Some of them, however, have been identified in subsequent works.



  • The novels Azure Bonds, The Wyvern's Spur, Song of the Saurials, Masquerades, Finder's Bane, and Tymora's Luck by Kate Novak and Jeff Grubb, TSR.
  • Hall of Heroes, FR7, a supplement describing various characters of the Realms.

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