Dungeons & Dragons Character
Alicia Kendrick
Homeland Moonshae Isles
Gender Female
Race Human
Age approx. 29 (Born in DR 1345, Current Year DR 1374)
Class Fighter/Druid
Alignment Chaotic Good
Universe Forgotten Realms

Alicia Kendrick, born in 1345 DR, is the present High Queen of the Moonshae Isles, in the fictional area of Faerûn of the Forgotten Realms.


Born in 1345, Princess Alicia was the eldest daughter of High King Tristran Kendrick and the druid Robyn. Groomed during her early years by the kingdom's arch-mage Keane, Alicia became an adventurer in 1365, during the events of the Druidhome Saga.

The Druidhome SagaEdit

When her father had left on a trading voyage and her mother had fallen ill soon thereafter, it fell to Alicia to journey to Fairheight to investigate reports of a new Moonwell, the first one that had been known to appear in years. Together with her friends, Alicia managed to defeat the schemes of the current Earl of Fairheight and minions of Talos the Destroyer.

Malar the Beastlord had also loosed Ityak-Ortheel against the elves of Synnoria. Alicia and the elves went to battle the beast. Some of the elves fled through a gate to the elven realm of Evermeet, but more were trapped behind when the Elf-Eater destroyed the gate.

Alicia then made the journey to Evermeet and met with the elves there. With their help she was able to then rescue her father from the Sahuagin.

Finally, an uprising of giants threatened the Isles as the forces of the evil Realmsian gods tried one more gambit to bring the Moonshaes under their sway. Throughout these events Alicia's sister, Deirdre, had become the pawn of these new gods, and it fell to Alicia to take the life of her only sister in order to save the Moonshaes for its people and the returned Earthmother.

After this latest threat to the Moonshaes was quelled, Alicia's mother announced her intent to retire and live the life of a serene and solitary druid. Robyn was joined by King Tristan, who bequeathed the leadership of the Isles to his daughter, who took Keane as her consort.

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