Alien Baltan (バルタン星人 Barutan Seijin?) is a race of alien creatures originally featured in the 1966 tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman. their first appearance was in Episode # 2, "Shoot the Invaders!" The Baltan aliens have been considered Ultraman's most popular foe. A Baltan recently appeared in episodes 33 and 34 of the Ultra series, Ultraman Max. The race's trademark is their sinister laugh.

Baltan's epithet is "Space Ninja" (宇宙忍者 Uchū Ninja).


Stats Edit

His height is around 50 Meters tall. He weighs around 15,000 Tons. He is very weak against Spacium substance in Mars and Ultraman's Spacium Ray.


The Baltan-Seijin have several powers at their disposal. they can fire either explosive machinegun style white beams or repelling red beams from their giant claws, or white freezing beams, a red/white energy ball, or basic beams. To confuse and bewilder an enemy, Baltan-Seijins can also project multiple, fake illusions of their bodies like Ninjas. Baltans can also hypnotize or possess human beings and use them as translators for communication. Also, when one Baltan suffers enough damage, it can shed its outer skin. They can teleport over short distances. Multiple microscopic or human-sized Baltans can fuse into a single, larger Baltan form.


Baltan-Seijins begin as microscopic creatures. Some sixty billion, six hundred million (60,600,000,000) microscopic Baltans came to the planet Earth, originally because of engine trouble with their spacecraft. In search of sufficient technical components to repair their engines at a science facility, they later decided to claim Earth as their own, since their home planet was annihilated by nuclear testing. When they landed on Earth, the single Baltan alien appeared to humans were either human size or gigantic size, while the rest stayed in the ship. The Science Patrol, the organization that Ultraman's host, Shin Hayata, belonged to, tried to negotiate with the Baltans. Mars was suggested as an alternative home for the Baltans, but they claimed Mars was less than optimal. Hayata suggested that the Baltans could live on Earth in peace if they obeyed human laws, but that was before anybody learned of the Baltans' vast numbers. Regardless, the Baltans were in no mood for compromises. Before the Baltan-Seijin could wipe out life on Earth, Ultraman intervened. The red-and-silver hero destroyed Baltan-Seijin with his signature weapon, the Specium Ray. Ultraman proceeded to destroy the Baltan's spaceship housing the other microscopic creatures, assuring that no more Baltan-related problems would arise.

After the original defeat at the hands of Ultraman, the Baltans went to the planet R, a planet close to Venus. On Planet R they planned to regroup, regather, and re - plan their invasion. The Ohtori, a space ship sent to Venus was called back to Earth. The Baltans took over Professor Mohri in order to go unnoticed when on Earth. As the Science Patrol went into space to rescue the Ohtori, the Baltans main invasion force arrived on Earth to take over. Ide managed to destroy many of the invasion force with his new weapon, but there were dozens of the beings flying around like mosquitoes. Before he could kill them all, they returned to base. Back in space, the Science Patrol crashes on Planet R and Dr. Mohri transforms into a gigantic Baltan. Hayata transforms into Ultraman but the Specium Ray is reflected by Baltan's new reflector mirrors. Baltan generates a gravity storm and attacks, but Ultraman forms an energy saw and throws it at the Baltan, splitting it in two.

On Earth, the invasion recommences and they begin their attack. They then combine to form another gigantic Baltan. With his energy diminished, Baltan quickly out does him by teleporting and putting an energy shield up. Once again Baltan attacks, but Ultraman forms an energy saw and throws it at the giant, cutting it in two once more and destroying the halves with his Specium Ray. Baltan was resurrected when Memphilas tried to take over the Earth, but when Memphilas retreated, Baltan vanished into thin air.

Fighting PowerEdit

Baltan-Seijin is Ultraman's well-known arch-nemesis. Powerful and deadly, the Baltan-Seijin are excellent fighters. Baltans have appeared in many incarnations over the years, and are also known as the self-proclaimed "space-ninja". Variations of Baltan-Seijin include Baltan-Seijins II, III, Baltan IV., Baltan-Seijin V, VI, Mecha-Baltan, Psycho Baltan, Neo-Baltan, and more. The most recent design was Dark Baltan. Little Baltans (Child & Tiny), a miniature versions of the monster that aren't evil and help out Ultraman.

Ultra FightEdit

This Monster re-appeared in Ultra Fight, where he battled Ultra Seven.

The Return of UltramanEdit

This monster re-appeared in the series The Return of Ultraman, as Alien Baltan Jr.(Alien Baltan IV) this baltan was smaller,was brown, and also,the claws were smaller and blunt.

Of the vast numbers of microscopic Baltan that had formed the original Alien Baltan, one had a son, Alien Baltan IV. Following his father’s demise on Earth, the younger alien planned his revenge on Earth and the Ultras who protected it over the next few years and after Jack defeated Alien Knuckle and Black King, he was among one of the many aliens that would arrive on Earth to battle Ultraman Jack. However, unlike his father, Alien Baltan IV was not as good a fighter and well aware of that fact, so he procured a massive robot by the name of Billgamo to pilot into battle against the Earth and Ultraman Jack. Late one night, Alien Baltan IV arrived on Earth in the form of a fireball, entering a building under construction and briefly appearing before vanishing. A young boy saw the alien but no one believed him. Another boy also saw something strange decided to investigate himself, entering the building. As he looked around, he saw nothing and left his dog alone to keep looking, who was attacked by a mysterious cloud and abducted after stepping in a puddle of red liquid. As the boy searched for his dog, he heard him barking from inside a wall. Suddenly, he was confronted by Alien Baltan IV who mocked the young boy. He allowed him to run, wanting MAT to come so he could destroy them. The boy called the one man who would most likely believe him, Goh. The human host of Ultraman Jack was called by phone and alerted to the situation, who still had trouble believing him but was convinced. The next day, he went to the construction site and tried to tell them the truth about Alien Baltan IV but they wouldn’t believe him until he took them to the exact place he’d seen the alien. Realizing the boy may be right, they decided to check it out, finding the wall had been torn away. The boy then stepped in one of the alien’s booby-traps and was sucked into the vile invader’s shadow world. Having gotten MAT involved, Goh arrived to investigate the sighting and little did they know they were being watched by Baltan Seijin IV from his shadow dimension. Knowing Goh was Jack’s host, Alien Baltan IV was finally ready to begin his vengeance, first by showing a shadow of the boy on the wall in front of them. Goh realized that Alien Baltan IV was very real and now had the young boy as his captive. Finally ready, Alien Baltan IV prepared to unleash his mecha from its hiding place in the shadow world. Goh chased a boy into the building and pushed him out of the way as he stepped in the booby trap and was nearly sucked into the shadow world but was saved by MAT and the boy as the building began to shatter. Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, Alien Baltan IV sealed the team in the building as he was activating his battle machine, hoping to crush them. Luckily, Goh found a window and broke it, allowing him to escape as the building began collapsing, revealing Billgamo, piloting the robot into a rampage from inside it, MAT trapped inside its body as well. However, while Billgamo was battling Ultraman Jack, the alien’s captives where freed from the Shadow World and escaped Billgamo with MAT. When Jack managed to overcome the juggernaut of a machine, Alien Baltan IV emerged from his crippled mecha. Swearing to come back for his revenge one day, Alien Baltan IV took off to try to escape but Jack would have none of that. Firing the Specium Ray, Jack killed the latest Baltan invader once and for all.


This Monster reappeared in Redman.

The UltramanEdit

This monster re-appeared in the series The Ultraman.

Coming to Earth with invasion in mind, Baltan was pursued by the Science Garrison. The alien drove his round, glowing ship into a mountainside where he unleashed Mikonos. As Ultraman Jonias battled the red monster, the invader set up a base in the forest, disguising his ship as a common home. It didn’t take long for the Science Garrison to discover its hideout and soon Hikari ventured inside and was confronted by the alien.

The creature ditched its disguise, revealing its true ugly self. When Hikari tried to transform, the alien ship prevented him from doing such. Thankfully the mortal managed to escape outside just as Baltan grew to a gigantic size. The alien frozen the rest of the team with a red beam, but Hikari again escaped its wrath and this time transformed! The invader fired away, blasting at the hero and missing every shot with its energy rays.

Jonias attacked, pummeling the invader with a series of kicks and punches before Baltan used its gigantic claws to catch the warrior. The two fell to the ground with Jonias’ energy quickly starting to drain. The hero gathered his might and pushed the clawed alien off and fired his Planium Ray, destroying the invader in a gigantic ball of fire.

Ultraman 80Edit

This monster re-appeared in the series Ultraman 80, as Alien Baltan V & VI.

It had been long since the time of Ultraman Jack that a member of the Baltan Seijin species had invaded the Earth until Baltan Seijin V would make himself known, coming to Earth not only prepared to use his own power, but bringing a powerful warship along with him. That day, the UGM had two children in their base, as part of contest, which was broadcast throughout the city. Meanwhile, a child watching that had lost the contest was depressed, then forced to run off by bullies and not watch the event, possibly providing negative energy that attracted the latest Baltan Seijin to Earth. The two children were given a ride in one of the space craft used by the UGM, further depressing the boy who was then approached by Baltan Seijin V. Later that day, he was taken into the base by a security guard. Yamato’s attention was attracted to the boy, who questioned them about Ultraman 80, then talked to the contest winners when they returned from their trip, becoming more upset. Seeing this, the UGM decided they would take him on a tour of their base along with the others, but the boy said something strange about space. Suddenly, they detected a strange disturbance in space, Baltan Seijin V’s battleship. Meanwhile, the other winner of the contest and a member of the UGM found the boy that was supposed to be at the base frozen with his clothes stolen. Yamato was just taking the boy on a jet ride when he was told what was happening. Once in the air, the ‘boy’ revealed himself as Baltan Seijin V. Now face to face with the alien, the two exchanged words, Baltan revealing he knew Yamato was Ultraman 80 and then showed his battleship arriving on Earth and told the hero Earth would be his. Baltan held him as the ship attacked, trying to have him killed by his warship’s cannons. Thankfully Yamato managed to break free and eject but the alien escape and cut his parachute cords, sending him plummeting towards the ground. Yamato had to resort to being Ultraman 80 to challenge save himself and challenge Baltan. Baltan quickly grew to full size for the battle. While the fight raged, Baltan Seijin V had his war craft open fire on the hero. The UGM tried to fight back but the ship’s weapons proved too strong. Baltan tried using his invisibility to gain the advantage but 80 used a special power to see him and threw him. Still, the two fought and Baltan proved to be the most skilled fighter of his race to appear so far, matching 80 move for move. Soon 80’s timer began to flash but finally, 80 managed to grab hold of Baltan’s legs and spun him around, throwing him into his own battleship. The impact caused the craft to detonate in a huge explosion, killing Baltan Seijin V and ending the latest bid by the Baltan race to enslave the Earth.

Not that long after Baltan Seijin V’s bid to rule the Earth had been defeated by Ultraman 80, yet another of the space invaders would choose to invade mankind. In the middle of the day, Baltan teleporting onto a roof, watching a group of children bullying another of child, enjoying the display of cruelty until UGM arrived to break up the fight. While they didn’t see the vile alien, he certainly saw them and left, not wanting to be revealed as of yet. Later, in human form, he watched the child once again, then followed him home. Using his teleportation, he tainted UGM, but they didn’t get a good enough view to identify the alien. For some reason or another, Baltan Seijin VI had become determined to torment this boy, causing him to take a picture that caused him more ridicule. As he tried to repeat the picture with Frisbees, he became more and more frustrated, further pleasing the Baltan. This time, he took on the form of the boys mother and talked to the boy, urging him on and transforming the Frisbees into metal disks, using his powers to help the boy take the pictures. But moments later, UGM arrived, causing Baltan to flee. The boy handed over the picture to UGM, by Baltan’s urging telling them it was of a UFO. He tried to convince his friends of the same thing as well, but they were less believing and further bully the boy, causing the boy to run to Yamato for help, who tried to ease the tensions, knowing the dangers negative energy was capable of but his efforts didn’t seem to work. Baltan saw the consequences of human fighting and decided this would be a perfect way to conquer Earth. He convinced the boy using his telepathy during the night to tell his friends a UFO would be in the sky at a certain time. Finally, Baltan Seijin VI arrived on a small spacecraft and confronted the boys, frightening them but Yamato interrupted the vile alien and tried to shoot him. Baltan Seijin VI used his sonic waves to harm the boys then captured them with his capture beam and tried to flee, causing Yamato to shoot his ship. Finally, Baltan Seijin VI grew to full size, hostages in toe and began attacking the city with his beams, blowing buildings to bits then smashing the city with his physical power. UGM arrived to attack but Yamato quickly altered them to Baltan’s hostages. Now unable to be attacked, Baltan continued his rampage, forcing Yamato to transform to Ultraman 80 and fight, trying to rescue the children. But using them against 80 and gained the upper hand. 80 fired the Sakcium Ray but the alien returned fire with his claw beam, the two beams colliding and equal in power till the energy exploded. 80 tried his buckle beam but the invader was unharmed and teleported behind him, firing his organic missiles. It seemed Baltan Seijin VI would finally defeat Ultraman 80 as his timer began to flash rapidly but when the invader teleported, 80 remembered how Baltan II had been destroyed and fired an Ultra Slash, slicing Baltan Seijin VI in half right down the middle and destroying the most powerful Baltan Seijin yet, then rescuing the children. With Baltan Seijin VI’s demise, it seemed the end of the Baltan race's attempts to conquer earth.

Andro MelosEdit

Juda, the main villain of this series, had a cyborg version of the character named Mecha-Baltan as one of his many minions.

Ultraman PoweredEdit

This monster re-appeared in the series Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, as Alien Baltan (Powered Baltan) & Psycho-Baltan.this baltan was blue, the claws were very large,and it even had wings to fly.

Baltan Seijin, a highly advanced insectoid race, came to Earth with two other members of its species in the form of green orbs. However, one member's molyed skin was analyzed by WINR, losing what stealth capabilities they had. That night Baltan Seijin was found growing inside of a warehouse in Los Angeles and managed to kill two police officers. At the same time, Baltan Seijin's ship was found by WINR and was about to be shot down when a red ball of light came out of nowhere and destroyed their satellite. WINR was soon sent out to exterminate Baltan Seijin before he could start a rampage. As Baltan Seijin was being fought, the strange red ball of light landed not far from Los Angeles. After it absorbed Kenichi and disappeared, the WINR member was being spoken to by a voice that claimed to be from Nebula M78 and was hunting the Baltan Seijin for eons. As Kenichi agreed to merge with the being, Baltan Seijin was fleeing underground only to meet up with the other two. After being shot at, Baltan Seijin grew by fusing with the other two and started attacking Los Angeles. With the destruction piling up, the being of light which Kenichi merged with appeared as his true form, Ultraman Powered. As the battle was going on, Baltan Seijin fired an energy blast at Powered only for it to be reflected back at him and seemingly destroyed him until he attempted a surprise attack. During Baltan Seijin's assault, Powered was charging up the Mega Specium Ray, which destroyed him in one hit.

The leader of the Baltan Seijin, Psycho Baltan had intentions of conquering the universe for eons even with agents from Nebula M78 tracking him. After Zetton was destroyed by Ultraman Powered, the hero fell seemingly dead and allowed Psycho Baltan to invade the planet. WINR used the TMC to fight Psycho Baltan only for their weapons to have no effect on his craft. However, two red balls of light came from the sky that were agents from Nebula M78. After Psycho Baltan's ship was destroyed by the agents and WINR, Powered's body was retrieved as thye went back to Nebula M78.

Ultraman CosmosEdit

These monsters re-appeared in the movie Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact, as Alien Baltan (Basic Version) who transformed into Neo Baltan; & Child Baltan.

A powerful alien being from a world that is no longer, he is the last adult of his species. Countless child Baltans depend on him for survival. When the blue planet came into view, Baltan quickly made to conquer it and assure his species’ survival. Blocking his conquest, however, was Ultraman Cosmos! The two battled in space, each attacking each other relentlessly with their bodies and beams. However, as the two battled on, each would fall to the Earth. While Cosmos would be discovered by a young boy, Musashi Haruno, Baltan looked for an easier answer to defeat the Earth.

Enter Donlon!

A gigantic beast from Earth’s past, Baltan used the monster to attack! However, opposing this forminable beast was EYES, a team of young soldiers that protected the Earth from such threats. Once Donlon was frozen by their ice mist, and then seemingly killed by the Sharks Defense Army jets, Baltan burst from its defeated body and challenged mankind.

Quickly growing to an even larger size, Baltan was attacked by Sharks’ powerful jets! The weapons, however, were nothing but toys in the face of the intergalactic warlord. After bringing down dozens of the jets, Baltan activated his mirage and moved away.

What was left of the Baltan home world floated closer to Earth and the clawed fiend began to further his plans of conquest. As he did so, the Sharks again attacked. Flying over the rocky surface and attacking it, their bombings got the attention of the villain and drew it out. As before, Baltan was able to bring down numerous jets before the retreat was sounded.

This was the lasts straw, however, and Baltan flew back down to the ground. Before he could reach it, EYES had a new plan: put him to sleep! Using large speaker phones and the people of Japan themselves, Baltan was cast under a sleeping spell by soothing music. Before anything further could be, the foolish Sharks attacked again!

Pelting the warrior with a stream of missiles yet again, they awoke him. As the fiend attacked yet again, Musashi managed to call forth the power of Ultraman Cosmos! The two fighters quickly reengaged one another and took to the skies where their duel would be done on the rocky remains of Baltan’s world!

After the guardian blocked his blade storm attack, Baltan moved back down to the Earth. The fighters continued to be evenly matched until the alien called on its other power: the ability to transform into Neo-Baltan! It wasn’t until the giant was finally vanquished did Cosmos, in his Corona Mode, use a special beam that reverted the insect-like creature back to its normal form. Now dead, Baltan was carried back to the hollow world by the thousands of Child Baltans. The planet then flew away as if a massive ship, never to return.


An even stronger version of Baltan, Neo-Baltan is one of the strongest threat to mankind. After failing to defeat Ultraman Cosmos, the alien being transformed itself into this titan and pressed the assault. Using his sword attacks and long, energized whip, it seemed Cosmos didn’t have a chance! As the hero began to fight back, the creature continued to unleash all of its destructive might! Soon Cosmos transformed into his Corona mode, allowing him to overpower some of Neo-Baltan’s strengths.

After the hero blocked its blade shower, he fired his Naybuster Ray! The alien fiend was blown through several buildings and damaged tremendously. Yet, as the hero readied to finish him off, Neo-Baltan rose up. The fight was over as he raised his hand. Death was overwhelming him and he knew it. As streams of tears fell from his crimson eyes, Baltan knew nobody would be able to guarantee his race’s survival now. He fell dead.

Knowing that what Baltan was trying to do was noble on his own side, Cosmos used a beam to revert its dark body to its normal shape. The countless Child Baltans gathered the giant being up and took it back to the ruins of their planet. With the Earth safe again, the alien world vanished as it flew away like a massive ship.

Child BaltanEdit

The younger version of a Baltan alien, one of these creatures found itself on Earth and took over the body of one of Musashi’s friends. Gifting the girl with X-Ray vision and super speed, it managed to steal the Cosmos gem from the Sharks’ main office, holding onto it until she was revealed to be an alien by Clevergon. With its disguise gone, the child left her body and flew back to the ruined world.

Later on, after Baltan was defeated, more of the children flew from the ruins and gathered up his body. After taking back, they somehow controlled their planet’s movements and flew it away from the Earth. One of these creatures did keep in contact with another alien race and would return with them to help resurrect Cosmos after the hero was seemingly killed.

Ultraman MaxEdit

This monster re-appeared in the series Ultraman Max, as Tiny Baltan & Dark Baltan.

Dark BaltanEdit

For countless years the Baltan race watched as mankind destroyed their own planet and set course to invade the confines of space. Knowing fully well that the humans could potentially destroy any planet they set foot on, half of the race wanted to exterminate the human populace, thus a war broke out between the sides. The so-called Dark Baltans lead a campaign of chaos that eventually lead them toward the Earth itself, but one Tiny Baltan had arrived before.

When Dark Baltan arrived, he attacked the Base Titan and Tokyo, ensnaring the city and the base in an anti-gravity field. When Kaito entered the field, the human summoned Ultraman Max, but even the Earth’s guardian could overpower this murderous invader. When Max proved a worthy challenge for the evil one, Dark Baltan suddenly increased his size, becoming gigantic! As tall as a mountain, the insect-like entity squished Max under his black heel!

The hero struggled on, however. As he pushed the foot off his body, Max gathered his own energy and increased his size also, matching Dark Baltan in size! The largest battle in history quickly commenced, but when Max managed to cut off the fiend’s claws, they simply reattached themselves to its arms! Dark Baltan laughed on as he caught the hero with his energy bind, and soon Max’s energy began to drain.

The red and silver giant managed to escape the bind, cutting his way through the rope-like energy, but his energy was nearly gone. He fired one final shot of his Maxium Cannon, but Dark Baltan effortlessly dodged and appeared behind the hero, blasting him with waves of energy. Max’s body faded away and Dark Baltan’s true attack begun.

As the alien rampaged, Team DASH began a new attack against it, launching all three DASH Birds to battle. The three ships buzzed around the invader, blasting it will strands of energy until the creature fired back. Before it could destroy any of the defending ships, Kaito’s energy was recharged thanks to the Tiny Baltan and the mortal summoned Ultraman Max again.

Confronting Dark Baltan a second time, this battle would be unlike that of any other. Blocking its energy attacks with a protective barrier, Max formed a twister out of the invader’s power and tore the evil entity to bits. For a brief moment it seemed the battle was over, but it was only just getting started. Each tiny piece reformed into a new Dark Baltan, forming an army of darkness in the sky!

Ultraman Max suddenly began to spin, forming a legion of heroes of his same image! A new battle began, a battle fought both on land in the air. The two armies clashed as the true Dark Baltan and Ultraman Max continued their battle below. Max launched his Galaxy Cannon, but the invader’s chest opened up, revealing several plates that redirected the attack! Once again it seemed Ultraman Max would be outmatched by this otherworldly foe.

But from the ground, Tiny Baltan and a group of children began to ring an ancient bell from the Baltan world. The bell quickly calmed the invader, forcing the army he had spawned to vanish. The desire for war and conquest began to drain from Dark Baltan’s heart as the bell cleansed his being. The battle was over. As Ultraman Max returned to the sky, Dark Baltan was shrunk down to the size of Tiny Baltan by DASH. Together both Dark and Tiny Baltan returned to their home world, allowing the Earth to exist in their absence.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The MovieEdit

This Monster re-appeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie He was among the Beliel controlled monsters. He was killed in the final battle.

Toys & StatuesEdit

  • Since Baltan Seijin's debut in 1966, there has been a continuous array of countless armies of Baltan toys bombarding and assaulting innocent children and avid toy collectors alike world over. With the majority of toys made and released by Bandai the Japanese toy giant and its subsidiaries (Bandai B-Club, Banpresto, Yutaka and UniFive, just to name a few), the market has been tapped and sometimes overly saturated by vinyl makers such as M1, Marmit and U.S.Toys in the recent years.
  • Marusan | マルサン | 9" standard vinyl
  • Bullmark | ブルマルク | 9" standard vinyl
  • POPY | ポピ | 6"
  • Bandai | バンダイ | 6"
  • Bandai B-Club | バンダイ | 9"
  • Banpresto | x | 15"
  • Yutaka | x | 5"
  • RunA | x | 3"
  • M1 | M-いちご | 9"
  • U.S.Toys | U.S.Toys | 3"
  • Nostalgic Heroes | x | 3"
  • Tsuburaya Communication | x | 9" standard vinyl
  • Yamanaya | x | 9" standard vinyl
  • Bearmodel | ベルマドル | 9"standard vinyl
  • ArtStorm/Fewture | x | 6"
  • X-Plus | X-Plus | 6"
  • Marmit | マーミット | 9" standard vinyl* MC-collect=Ultra Monster vinyl web shop
  • Billiken | ビリケン | 6"
  • Apex | Apex | 24"
  • Ark | アルク | 6" die-cast
  • Marusho | マルショウ | 5" model kit
  • Keshigomu | 消しゴム | 6"


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