Alien Empera (エンペラ星人 Enpera Seijin?) is the main antagonist of Ultraman Mebius. He is the master of Mephilas, Glozam, Deathrem and Yapool. Alien Empera appeared in the final 3 episodes in the series (episodes 47-50.) Alien Empera, as well as his creation, Armored Darkness are among the most powerful foes in the Ultra series. Alien Empera has only appeared in Ultraman Mebius.

Stats and Features Edit

His height is around 56 Meters tall. He weighs around 49,000 tons.

Alien Empera is one of the various humanoid foes in the ultra universe. His head is covered entirely in armor plates, which also decorates the rest of his body. His skin appears to be of some fabric-like material. He has a scar on his side inflicted centuries ago by the Father of Ultra in their battle.

Alien Empera is among the most arrogant of Ultraman's foes, considering himself unbeatable (though his belief is not entirely misplaced), clearly viewing the likes of Zamshua and Hikari beneath him. He is also very resourceful, able to command an army of monsters against the land of light and later group 4 highly intelligent and powerful entities, and even create an army of Imperialisers (as well as the sentient Armored Darkness). He is a most vicious adversary, and will kill even his own minions if they back out of his plans.

Powers and abilities Edit

Dark Beam Alien Empera's signature move, he can fire an incredibly powerful dark beam from his hands. They can kill kaiju like Mephilas and Ultraman Mebius in a single strike. It is powerful enough to wound himself and cause massive explosions, and penetrate Mephilas' Seijin's energy barrier. This ability as also been used on Ultraman Mebius Phoenix Brave form, but to little effect.

Energy Shock wave Alien Empera can blast a deadly, practically invisible shockwave from his right hand. This attack is also his most commonly used technique. It is very powerful and can kill monsters like Zamshaa in several hits, as well as cause great damage to Ultraman Hikari, sending the aforementioned Ultra back to his human form in one barrage. Empera can vary his shockwave's strength, from being highly destructive attack used most of the time, to a kinetic burst to prevent foes like Ultraman Hikari from touching him.

Dagger Alien Empera wields a dagger that he used to spar with Ultra Father. The dagger is very sharp, able to wound Ultra Father severely in a single slash. It can also pierce through even his thick armor.

Darkness Alien Empera is able to engulf the earth in darkness by covering the sun in rock. However, the rock coating can be destroyed by attacks like from the Specium ray. How Empera Seijin creates the rock is unknown.

Defensive Cloak Alien Empera's cloak can neutralize even the most powerful of beams, even the combined power of Ultraman Hikari's Hikari shot and Ultraman Mebius' Mebium beam. Upon hitting the cloak, the beam would disperse.

Armor Alien Empera has armor so powerful he can withstand most attacks without taking any damage and can even hold both Zamshua's blade and Hikari's blade with his hand without injury. The armor is also dtrong enough it can simply whack beams like Ultraman Hikari's Hikari Shot with his hand without damaging himself. It can also withstand amplified beams from both Zoffy and a super-powered Mebius for prolonged periods without significant injury, and can survive his own Dark Beam redirected at him with little damage, while the same beam killed Ultraman Mebius in one hit.

Destructive Levitation By merely floating around, Empera can cause massive damage to the area around him, being able to destroy massive amounts of city simply by landing. This technique appears to be primarily for display as he never used it against nay of his adversaries

Flame Manipulation Alien Empera can put out flames with a wave of his arm. How he does it is not known.

Fireball Alien Empera can travel in space and at high speeds in a crimson fireball.

History Edit

Before Ultraman Mebius Edit

Long ago before the events of Ultraman Mebius, Alien Empera led an army of monsters to take over Nebula M78, the home of the Ultras, and temporarily succeeded in doing so. However, the Ultras soon fought back, and destroyed many of his legions, like Yapool, and managed to overthrow the monsters. Infuriated, Alien Empera dueled with Ultra Father. Although the battle ended in a tie, both combatants received a scar on their hip that have reminded them both of their intensive battle from the past...

Ultraman Mebius- Episodes 1-47 Edit

The second war began when Bogal began reviving many monsters in the ultra graveyard, like Twin Tail. Following Bogal's destruction at the hands of Ultraman Hikari and Ultraman Mebius, other Bogals, known as "Lesser Bogals," opened an Ultra Zone. With the Ultra Zone opened, Alien Empera slowly began a reviving process and hid his existence by creating a gigantic, artificially intelligent robot, Imperializer. However while Imperializer's strength was more than Mebius could handle, the Imperializer was felled by both Mebius and Ultraman Taro.

Alien Empera then recruited one of his top warriors, Yapool (from Ultraman Ace), to join two more generals, Glozam and Deathrem, along with a survivor from the original Ultraman series, Alien Mephilas. For this coalition of Aliens would soon be known as "The Four Heavenly Kings" as the aliens were intent on destroying Mebius to serve their Emperor's demands. Eventually, even the might of Yapool was no match for Ultraman Mebius, and Deathrem and Glozam soon fell with him. Mephilas, realizing that he could not rule Earth, retreated to space, but was killed by Alien Empera himself for not completing the task, setting the stage for the final battle.

The Advent of the Emperor Edit

Alien Empera began his world domination plan by encasing the sun in rock. He also summoned a group of Imperializers to attack different regions of the Earth. At first, Ultraman Mebius was losing the battle against the Imperializers, but after the people of Earth began cheering him on, Ultraman Mebius destroyed the Imperalizers with the same attack he used to destroy Mebius Killer = the Mebium Dynamite. However, excessive usage of the attack on the Imperializers became too much for Mirai's body to handle and thus Mirai was put in critical condition.

Later, two more Imperializers appeared to wreak havoc, this time attacking GUYS HQ. GUYS managed to destroy one of the Imperializers, but was unable to destroy the second. Just as the second Imperializer was about to destroy the GUYS base, a blade slit it clean in half, destroying it completely. It was the blade of Zamusha, an alien swordsman whom had unfinished business to settle with Ultraman Mebius (and Ultraman Hikari,) whom had sided with GUYS so that Mebius would be his kill. Shortly after Alien Fanton and Alien Psychoknio, alien friends of GUYS appeared as well to assist them in the battle.

With his army destroyed, Alien Empera decided to take over the Earth personally. The Alien destroyed much of Tokyo and finally encasing the Earth in darkness from the coating of stone on the sun. Zamusha tried to take out the Emperor in short order, by trying to impale Alien Empera with his blade, but the Emperor's superior strength and power was far more than Zamusha and the others could handle and then Alien Empera proceeded to assault Zamshua with his shock waves.

Just then, Ultraman Hikari arrived to assist in destroying Alien Empera, but was blasted to the ground next to Zamusha. The 2 rivals decided to work together to destroy the Emperor, and GUYS began striking back at Alien Empera as well, but none of their attack did not harm him. Following his assault on Zamshaa and Hikari, Alien Empera turned his attention to the GUYS base, and decided to destroy it in order to kill Ultraman Mebius once and for all. Then as he fired a shock wave, Zamusha sacrificed himself and took the hit. Dying, Zamusha realized the truth of protection.

Enraged, Ultraman Hikari grabbed Zamusha's blade and actually managed to cut another scar into Alien Empera's other side. Ryu of GUYS then charged towards Alien Empera in a kamikaze dive, but his ship was seemingly destroyed by a single hit of Empera's shock wave (In reality, Ultraman Hikari had saved him and taken him as his new human host.) Ultraman Hikari then unleashed his Hikari blade, but was unable to even hit Empera, as the alien blasted him back with shock waves. At that critical moment, Mirai transformed into Ultraman Mebius. Hikari and Mebius combined their Hikari Shot and Mebium Shoot, but the Emperor simply neutralized the new beam with his cloak.

Alien Empera decided to become offensive, and struck Hikari with another shock wave, knocking him to the ground. Alien Emepra then struck Mebius with his signature move, the Dark Beam. Then after one shot, successfully destroyed Mebius. All seemed lost, but little did the Emperor know that killing Mebius was the beginning of his end.

Death Edit

Meanwhile in space, the Ultra brothers (Ultraman, Ultraseven, Jack, Ace, Taro, Leo, Astra, and 80) were all at work, destroying the rock that was coating the sun with their signature beams. They also telepathically communicated with the GUYS team members, encouraging them not to give up hope.

Meanwhile, Mirai was revived as a spiritual entity that merged with all the other members of Team GUYS as well as Ultraman Hikari, to which gave birth to a new form of Ultraman Mebius, the Phoenix Brave Mode. Alien Empera's powers were now futile as they were all deflected back at him by Mebius' new form. At that moment, GUYS' final METEOR, an energy-amplifier named "Specium Redoublizer" descended from the skies.

Mebius fired a Mebium-Knight shot through the amplifier, severely weakening and wounding Alien Empera, whom was withering in agony as scale after scale was being ripped apart from his body. Meanwhile the captain of GUYS, Shingo Sakomizu suddenly merged with another Ultra that came onto the scene, Zoffy. Zoffy joined the battle, firing his M87 beam through the amplifier, and linking it with Mebius's beam. With Alien Empera still not destroyed, Mebius performed a final technique, the Mebium-Knight Dynamite. The technique was so powerful it destroyed the amplifier and fatally wounded Alien Empera.

As he was dying, Alien Empera finally recognized that it was the bond between the humans and the ultramen that enabled Mebius to defeat him, realized the futility of his actions, and slowly transformed into light before dissipating.

Aftermath Edit

While Alien Empera's Plan B was carried out through Armored Darkness, remnants of Alien Empera's essence lived on in Zamusha's body (whom thanks to his fight against the Emperor has now become the cybernetic, Mecha-Zamu.)

In Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Ghost Rebirth, the Four Heavenly Kings have reunited in an attempt to revive the Emperor by uniting Mecha-Zamu and the Giga Battle Nizer. However, their efforts are eventually proven futile and are thusly destroyed. The Giga Battle Nizer is lost in space and Mecha-Zamu sacrifices himself to keep Alien Empera from ever returning again.

Armored Darkness Edit

Armored Darkness (アーマードダークネス Amadodakunesu?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman Mebius. He is a sentient, living being composed of armor, created as a Plan B if Alien Empera was destroyed by Ultraman Mebius.

Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Armored Darkness Edit

Some time after Ultraman Mebius had left the Earth, GUYS has now gone on to a new group of fighters as its previous members (with the exception of Ryu) have now gone on to find new career paths. Monsters have suddenly been reviving from the dead to wreak havoc (the monsters that were revived were Saramandora, Roberuga, Mukadender, and Kelbeam.) GUYS noted that the revival of these monsters were very similar to that of how the Emperor revived his monsters in the past. Before anything else could have been solved, a dimensional portal opened up and sucked in Ryu of Team GUYS, transporting him to the home planet of Alien Empera; a baron wasteland of darkness similar to what the Emperor had transformed Earth into during his assault.

Just then Ryu was attacked by Armored Darkness himself. Just like his creator, Armored Darkness was mostly impervious to all of Ryu's attacks and thus Ryu stood no chance in defeating it. Just then, Ultraman Mebius returned to face off against Armored Darkness. Again, Armored Darkness's strength was more than Mebius could handle as it easily tossed him around, but then just as Armored Darkness was coming in to kill, it froze in place! It was as if something inside of it was keeping it from killing Mebius. Upon the distraction, Ultraman Mebius got a hold of the Armor's sword and struck it in the head, weakening the armor into freezing in place temporarily.

It was then revealed that during the time between now and Alien Empera's defeat that Ultraman Hikari was sent to destroy Armored Darkness before it could come to Earth, but the Armor's strength had overpowered him and thus possessed him. Therefore, Ultraman Hikari was Armored Darkness, being possessed underneath it!

Shortly after Ryu was revived, Team GUYS arrived on the planet to assist Mirai and Ryu in the battle, all motivated by Ultraman King himself to not give up hope. Armored Darkness suddenly awoken and resumed its battle against Ultraman Mebius, but still had the open wound on its forehead. Noting this weak spot, Ryu ejected from his jet and fell into the wound. Within Armored Darkness, he was reunited with Ultraman Hikari and with it, Hikari burst free from his control over Armored Darkness, blowing the Armor into pieces.

But the battle was not over yet as Armored Darkness's body rejoined back together from the planet siding to his advantage and continued to do battle with the two Ultras. Then, Ultraman Mebius and Ultraman Hikari once again joined together to form Ultraman Mebius's Phoenix Brave Mode and from that point on, the battle was in favor of Ultraman Mebius. Finally, after slicing it down the middle if its body with its own sword, Ultraman Mebius destroyed Armored Darkness with the Mebium-Knight shot, ending the Emperor's last effort to overthrow the Earth.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Edit

This monster reappeared in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.

Controlled by Alien Reiblood, Armored Darkness was sent to kill Ultraseven (whom was on reconnaissance duty, looking for Ultraman due the events of the previous series.) This event is occasionally seen as foreshadowing events by Rei, whom is going through mental bursts of rage from his Reiblood energy building up.

Although the battles was only briefly seen, Armored Darkness was victorious as he possesses Ultraseven (as well as Alien Temperor and Armored Mephilas) and uses his body to fight against Rei and his monsters, Gomora and Litra (to which the battle clearly favors Armored Darkness.) During the course of the series, Rei had acquired Ultraseven's Eye Slugger and with it in hand, uses it on Armored Darkness, awakening Ultraseven's will power and weakening Armored Darkness to the point to where Gomora can destroy it. Upon Armored Darkness's destruction, Ultraseven was released and thus presented Rei with his Miclas.

During the series finale, Armored Darkness is revived and possessed himself by Alien Reiblood to kill Rei, and once again beats down his Gomora even in Reionic Burst mode. However, after the assistance of both the ZAP SPACY as well as Grande and his Red King, Armored Darkness is destroyed yet again, this time by EX Gomora and EX Red King.


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