Alien Guts (ガッツ星人 Gattsu Seijin?) is a fictional race of bird-like aliens that were originally featured in the 1967 tokusatsu TV series, Ultra Seven. They appeared in a two-part story in Episodes 39 and 40.

The Guts Aliens' subtitle is One's Double Alien (分身宇宙人 Bunshin Uchūjin?); a reference to their ability to create dangerous doubles of themselves when in battle.

Ultra Seven Edit

Stats Edit

When giant sized, their height is around 40 meters tall, and weighs around 40,000 tons.

After the destruction of Aron, Alien Guts analyzed every aspect of Ultra Seven including his human disguise of Dan Moroboshi. One night as Dan and Anne went on patrol several cars with no drivers cornered them. Dan quickly discovered that they were being driven by Alien Guts, who revealed himself and began to taunt him. After another Alien Guts appeared the first one shot Dan and forced him to flee while his adversary was chasing him. Suddenly two more Alien Guts appeared out of nowhere, making it extremely difficult for Dan to flee and forced him to summon Windam. However, before Windam could lay a hand on Alien Guts a saucer appeared out of nowhere and killed him. After growing much larger Alien Guts decided to leave to finish Ultra Seven later. The next day a bizarre glass casing made itself known, drawing out the Ultra Garrison and attacking them. After Alien Guts destroyed a bridge to prevent escape Dan turned into Ultra Seven with Alien Guts arriving to the scene. However, Alien Guts was capable of standing up to any assault Ultra Seven could execute and managed to tire him out. After Alien Guts used the paralysis ray the casing made itself known and trapped Ultra Seven in it. With Ultra Seven out of the way Alien Guts set his sights on the Self Defense Force and used his saucer to slaughter them. After the battle Alien Guts showed the crucified Ultra Seven and told the people of Earth to hand Earth over to them or else more lives would be lost. Not wanting to go down without a fight the Ultra Garison started constructing on a new weapon that could pierce the glass cross Ultra Seven was trapped in. Before they could revive his power by hitting the orb on his forehead with their fighters' energy bolts the glass cross teleported away. After Alien Guts's magnetic wheel failed to capture one of the local racers that was helping the Ultra Garrison Ultra Seven's location was found on a hillside. Alien Guts summoned three saucers to try and kill Ultra Seven, but the TDF MRI used its laser stream, equipped with a device called the Magnerium Medicalizer, on the hero's orb and managed to revive him. Using the knuckle beam to free himself Ultra Seven began to launch knife cutters to the three ships until they were destroyed and set his sights on Alien Guts's main saucer. After a barrage of knife cutters strengthened by the sun's energy Alien Guts began to panic as the inside of his saucer began to over heat and blow up the machinary. Ultra Seven finished of Alien Guts and his saucer with the Super Eye Slugger.

When the series was dubbed for Turner Network Television, the Guts were renamed the Buffins of Abadon.

Heisei Ultra Seven Edit

This Alien re-appeared in the made-for-video special Ultra Seven - From Earth Forever

Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers Edit

History Edit

Arriving in the city of Kobe in their invisible spaceship, four aliens - Alien Temperor, Alien Nackle, Alien Guts, and Alien Zarab - searched for the site where the mighty chouju, U-Killersaurus, lay sealed. These four aliens formed an alliance in order to destroy the Ultra Bros. once and for all. They planned to release U-Killersaurus and Yapool, causing a global panic, during which, they would invade the Earth. With the Ultra Bros. unable to transform due to using the Final Cross Shield to seal U-Killersaurus, they only obstacle was Ultraman Mebius. Their plan was to first observe his powers, but Temperor was impatient, and proclaimed that it was unnecessary. He said he would destroy Mebius on his own, and then become the leader of the group. The other three let him go out on his own, secretly deciding to use him as a guinea pig to study Mebius' powers. In the end, Temperor was defeated by Mebius. However, thanks to him, the remaining aliens had all the information they needed on Mebius. Zarab went ahead for phase two of their plan; to capture Aya Jinguji, a friend of Mirai's, take her place, and then poison him with a phony drink. Mebius managed to stop his plans and destroy him, but with Mebius now weakened, Nackle and Guts moved on to phase three of their plan. Guts appeared before Mebius, and effoftlessly managed to trap him into a crystal crucifix. Kobe was then surrounded by an isolation field from their spaceship, by which nothing could get in or out. The remaining Ultra Bros. decided to transform one more time in order to save Mebius and the Earth, and appeared before Guts. Nackle soon landed too, and the two aliens stood between the Ultra Bros. and Mebius. A difficult fight ensued, with the Ultra Bros. being overpowered 2 on 1. However, the Ultra Bros. would not give up, and they were soon able to stop Guts and Nackle, if only for a short time. They then released Mebius from his prison, only to be trapped themselves when Guts and Nackle got back up. After trapping the brothers, they combined their powers to defeat Mebius with one blast of energy. They then called upon their spaceship, which used the light energy of the captured Ultra Bros. to slowly break the seal of U-Killersaurus. Shortly after, however, Mebius somehow regained his strength, and battled both aliens with little trouble. Guts was soon destroyed by Mebius' Mebium Beam. Now only Nackle remained.

Stats Edit

His height is around 51 meters tall. He weighs around 38,000 tons.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Edit

As Rei looked for Alien Hook using Litra, Gomess was summoned once again with his master, Alien Guts, revealing himself to Rei. Guts began to taunt Rei as Gomess started to gain the upper hand in the fight, but after Litra launched a couple of fireballs, Gomora was able to win by destroying Gomess with the Super Oscillatory Wave. Guts was afraid at this point, and teleported away. Guts eventually returned, wanting a rematch with Rei. His new monster, Kelbeam, fought Rei's new monster, Miclas. At first, Kelbeam was winning, but after Rei encouraged Miclas, Kelbeam found himself wrapped up with his own tail, and quickly beaten. Kelbeam lost his footing, and accidentally fell on his master, crushing him.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This alien reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.


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