Alien Mephilas (メフィラス星人 Mefirasu Seijin?) is a race of alien creatures originally featured in the 1966 tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman.

Subtitle: Wicked Alien (悪質宇宙人 Akushitsu Uchūjin?).

Ultraman Edit

History Edit

Alien Mephilas, much like the other aliens of the show came to Earth to conquer it. Unlike his fellow aliens before him, his intentions for Control over the Earth was not by mass extinction of the humans but merely to save his species from dying on his original home planet. With no other option however, Mephilas had to conquer the planet in order to save his species.

Hiding in a forest inside his ship, Alien Mephilas's main source of conquest over the planet was to use illusions to trick or fool the humans into believing he had greater power than he actually does, from lifting boats and planes telepathically, to "reviving" monsters whom had died in the past (ex. Alien Baltan, Alien Zarab, and Kemur.) He used these illusions against the humans as threats that if they did not surrender in time he would unleash his "power" upon the Earth. During which, Mephilas had taken both a young boy whom had spied on him, Fuji the female member of the Science Patrol, and Hayata (the human host of Ultraman) as his hostages, fully intent on forcing the earth to surrender. Eventually, the Science Patrol and the military found his ship and attacked him.

With his ship under attack and again with no other option, Alien Mephilas turned into a giant and faced off against the military while the Science Patrol rescued Fuji and the boy. Although they couldn't rescue Hayata in time, Hayata manages to transform into Ultraman to face off against Mephilas and offered him to leave the planet or die like the other aliens. Mephilas chose to fight and both Ultraman and Mephilas went head-to-head in a very, evenly-matched battle as all of Mephilas's attacks were strong enough to counter Ultraman's attacks and his physical strength was on par with Ultraman's. Then shockingly in the middle of the fight, Alien Mephilas surrendered realizing that if he died he could no longer save, nor protect his home planet and thus left peacefully. However before leaving, he promised to Ultraman that they would meet again and he would get his revenge in the future.

Stats Edit

His height is around 60 Meters tall. He weighs around 20,000 Tons.

Redman Edit

This Monster reappeared in Redman.

Ultraman Taro Edit

This alien reappeared in the series Ultraman Taro, as Alien Mephilas II.

After the first Alien Mephilas left Earth in Ultraman's time to find a new colony for his species, another member sought to dominate Earth and succeed where the original had failed. This Mephilas tried to use a highly advanced bio-weapon called the Mandarin Flower to slowly kill off humans one by one. However after it was destroyed by ZAT, Mephilas revealed himself and decided to take matters into his own hands. Before the situation could get worse, Kotaro turned into Ultraman Taro to do battle. Mephilas was easily tossed around by Taro and after the hero punched a hole through his body the Stormium Beam was used, reducing Mephilas into slime.

This Mephilas was silghty different from the original Mephilas's appearance. This Mephilas had a golden-colored hip and his neck was stretched out more to make him look taller. The white color around his eyes were dark pink and the lights in his "mouth" moved in a triangular motion when he spoke rather than a vertical motion like the original.

Ultraman Mebius Edit

This alien reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius.

In this series, Alien Mephilas has formed an alliance with Yapool, Deathrem, and Glozam to create "The Four Heavenly Kings." A Coalition of aliens that serve a higher up entity known simply as "The Emperor."

After Yapool, Deathrem, and Glozam were all defeated, Alien Mephilas comes to Japan in a new ship and this time he uses mind control on the populance to turn them all, as well as Team GUYS against Ultraman Mebius. He further panders to the people of Japan by demonstrating his power to destroy a Gromite he creates only to destroy shortly after out of false heroism and accolade. All the while, the original Ultraman returns to confront Mephilas into stopping him from doing any harm to the humans. However seeing as Mephilas hasn't harmed any humans, Ultraman cannot fight him. Eventually Ultraman Mebius (as Mirai) manages to show Team GUYS the control that Mephilas has put them under, Mephilas tries to attack them out of self-defense and shortly afterwards appears himself to battle Mebius. Ultraman shows up and both Ultraman and Ultraman Mebius shortly double-team Mephilas. After shrugging off one of Mephilas's lightning attacks, Ultraman persuades Mephilas to surrender in order to save his own life knowing that he cannot beat two Ultras and Team GUYS. Once again, Mephilas wisely surrenders and even acknowledges to Team GUYS of their efforts from defeating the other three Aliens. However before leaving, he promises to Ultraman that he would return to personally challenge him again. However, the promise was shortly broken as Mephilas was then killed himself by the entity of the Emperor himself: Alien Empera.

It should be interesting to note that this Alien Mephilas is in fact the original Alien Mephilas that fought the original Ultraman. He shows signs of experience as he tries to occasionally warn the other aliens not to underestimate the humans or the Ultras as well as respect to those who've bested him in the past (namely Ultraman.)

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Edit

This alien reappeared in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.

In this series, Alien Mephilas wielded a battle nizer until he was defeated and left for dead by an Alien Temperor prior to certain events in the show. After discovering Armored Darkness's sword, Mephilas is transformed into "Armored Mephilas" and thus goes on a killing spree for those who mock him or get in his way, all while being controlled by Armored Darkness's conscience. He kills a Dada that mocked him earlier, and attacks Reimon for standing in his way. He later confronts the Alien Temperor that defeated him earlier for a rematch and winds up killing both and his monster, Arigera. Shortly afterwards, Armored Darkness appears and kills Armored Mephilas to retrieve the sword he had taken away.

During the series finale, Armored Mephilas returns giant-sized, and as a mindless slave being controlled by Alien Raybrad. After facing off against Rei's monsters (Gomora and Miclas), Mephilas is eventually freed from both Raybrad's control and the Armor that possessing him.

After being transformed back into his normal form, Mephilas frees the Pendragon from an interdimensional rift underground created by Raybrad to keep them from contacting Rei out of gratitude to Rei for saving him.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This alien reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Alien Mephilas is one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army.

Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Ghost Rebirth Edit

This alien reappeared in the prequel to Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Alien Mephilas is one of the four major antagonists in this prequel to the above movie. He, along with Deathrem, Glozam, and Yapool (In the form of Mebius Killer) assault the Ultra Brothers in an attempt to reunite the Giga Battle Nizer and Zamusha (now known as Mecha-Zamu,) in an attempt to resurrect Alien Empera. However, their plans are foiled when Ultraman Mebius looses the Giga Battle Nizer and Mecha-Zamu sacrifices his life to keep the Emperor from being revived.



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