Alien Temperor (テンペラー星人 Tenperaa Seijin?) is a race of alien creatures originally featured in the 1973 tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman Taro.Temperor appeared in Episodes 33-34.

Subtitle: Evil Alien (極悪宇宙人 Gokuaku Uchūjin?).

Ultraman Taro Edit

History Edit

Alien Temperor was an alien tyrant of awesome power. But where other aliens aimed for the lowly planet Earth, Temperor had his eyes on a much larger prize, to do something that only the god-like Alien Empera had ever accomplished, conquer the homeworld of the Ultras, the Land of Light. But one thing stood in his way, the Ultra Brothers, Ultraman, Zoffy, Ultraseven, Jack, Ace, and Taro, and they‘d need to be taken care of first. Temperor and his monkey-like assistant watched the planet from their space ship, preparing for their attack but Ultraman, Ultraseven, Jack and Ace had already traveled to Earth for a ‘family reunion’ with Taro and his host Kotaro, forcing Temperor to delay his planes so he could go after them personally. Temperor landed in the middle of a city, growing to kaiju size to attack and lure the Ultras out as Zoffy joined the reunion, though he lacked a host or human form and remained giant. Kotaro was called away to help ZAT fight Alien Temperor as he used his claw flamethrowers to devastate the city, calling out the Ultra Brothers to come face him. ZAT soon mobilized and confronted the tyrant as he continued his attack, but their weapons were powerless before Temperor, who laughed at their efforts. Finally, Kotaro was forced to summon Taro into the fray, exactly what Temperor had hoped for. He charged the Ultra, pincers snapping, Taro running from him to get him out of the populated area. Temperor mocked the hero and fired his flames on the city between them. Taro realized Temperor was too strong for him to fight alone and flew away, leaving ZAT to assault Temperor, who continued his attack on the city. Zoffy and the other Ultra Brothers decided they had to hide out from Temperor until a plan to stop him could be concocted. Meanwhile, as ZAT attacked the invader, he was distracted by several kids, but he then used his flames to force ZAT into retreat and shoot down one of their fighters, Zoffy coming to save them from the alien before flying off, taking a visiting scientist as a temporary host to hide from Temperor as the rest of the Ultra Brothers took the rest of ZAT as temporary hosts, knowing they probably weren’t safe in their normal human selves. Meanwhile, Taro came to fight Temperor to protect the city and blasted him with an energy blast and then the Storium Ray, scoring a direct hit, but it had no effect! Temperor soon devastated the hero with his electric whip. Laughing, Temperor pummeled Taro and choked him with his toxic gas, then blasted him with his flames, continuing to pummel him with his attacks. Taro was completely powerless before Temperor, soon having no option but to retreat, badly wounded. But Temperor was soon confronted by the other five Ultra Brothers, trying to blast them but they avoided it. Taro soon returned human sized and flew into Temperor’s mouth, growing giant from inside him and destroying the vile alien. But as the Ultra Brothers celebrated, Temperor’s space ship hovered nearby and resurrected the tyrant right in front of Kotaro! He then used his special vision to see Taro within the human, taunting him. Kotaro continued to fire on Temperor, who flew off into the sky to await a true challenge as Kotaro reported to the Ultra Brothers that Temperor was still alive. Later that day, Temperor returned to attack the city, splitting a fissure open in the Earth. Kotaro soon distracted the tyrant by driving under him and then around him, making him dizzy. ZAT soon arrived to attack Temperor, firing on the alien but were once again proved powerless before Temperor, who merely mocked their attempts as Kotaro continued to annoy him. Temperor finally got so dizzy that he toppled over. Annoyed and tired out from this tactic, Temperor returned to his spaceship. Deciding to choose another tactic, he became his Temperor Spider form. Temperor soon captured Kotaro and returned to normal form, leaving his host and holding Kotaro with a rope as he began to torture the human and then rub it in the faces of the other Ultra Brothers that he had captured their brother. But Kotaro escaped, landing on the nose of one of the ZAT plans as the other Ultra Brothers helped get him to safety, unknowingly letting Temperor discover their new hosts before trying to kill them all. Despite the tyrant’s best efforts, the Ultra Brothers escaped with their hosts as Temperor ravaged the city with his attacks. The brothers were soon forced to transfer their life force to a group of volleyball players but Temperor soon discovered them again, but they escaped his attempts to kill them. Furious, he continued his assault on the city, leaving it in flaming ruin. He soon attacked Kotaro, but the Ultra Brothers had a plan. Hiding inside several toys that were thrown at Temperor, the Ultra Brothers all ambushed Temperor and confronted him. He attacked with everything in his arsenal but the Ultras withstood his attacks. Ultraseven, Jack, and Ace fired on him all at once but it didn’t even faze him. Temperor blasted the Ultra Brothers with his energy ray, knocking several of them to the ground. But as the evil alien laughed, several of the Ultras fired their beams together on the alien, forming an energy cyclone that stunned him long enough for Ultraseven and Ultraman Ace to position his arms so that Taro can sever his claws, leaving him powerless! The Ultra Brothers all picked up Temperor at once before throwing him high into the air, leaving him open to a strike from Taro’s Neo Storium Ray, obliterating the tyrant. But his ship moved in to revive him again, only for Ultraman, Ultraseven, Jack, Ace, and Zoffy to fire their finishing beams and obliterate it, ensuring Temperor was dead for good and allowing the Ultra Brothers to finally return home in peace.

Stats Edit

His height is around 2~52 Meters tall and weighs around 0,12~35,000 Tons.

Temperor Spider Edit

Temperor transformed into this form to infiltrate the house of one of Kotaro’s friends, knocking her out and tacking control of her to get close to his prey. Temperor later hid as the woman had a picnic with Kotaro before he revealed himself to him and used his cape to capture the Ultra host before taking his true form.

Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers Edit

History Edit

Arriving in the city of Kobe in their invisible spaceship, four aliens - Alien Temperor, Alien Nackle, Alien Guts, and Alien Zarab - searched for the site where the mighty chouju, U-Killersaurus, lay sealed. These four aliens formed an alliance in order to destroy the Ultra Bros. once and for all. They planned to release U-Killersaurus and Yapool, causing a global panic, during which, they would invade the Earth. With the Ultra Bros. unable to transform due to using the Final Cross Shield to seal U-Killersaurus, they only obstacle was Ultraman Mebius. Their plan was to first observe his powers, but Temperor was impatient, and proclaimed that it was unnecessary. He said he would destroy Mebius on his own, and then become the leader of the group. The other three let him go out on his own, secretly deciding to use him as a guinea pig to study Mebius' powers. Temperor's appearance in Kobe was none too suddel either, as he called out for Mebius to show himself, and began destroying the surrounding area. When Mirai Hibano managed to get close enough, he transformed into his true self, Ultraman Mebius, and met Temperor's challenge. The two battled fiercely on both land and in the air, until Temperor tried to destroy him with his strongest attack; a giant lightning bolt from his claws. Mebius managed to easily repel it by simply charging up his Mebium Beam, as the energy he gathered managed to overcome Temperor's. Then, Mebius quickly fired the Mebium Beam. Temperor tried to block it, but the blast was too strong, and he was blown to bits. However, thanks to him, the remaining aliens had all the information they needed on Mebius.

Stats Edit

His height is around 54 Meters tall. He weighs around 39,000 Tons.

Ultra Galaxy Daikaijyu Battle NEVER ENDING ODYSSEY Edit

Alien Temperor defeated Alien Mephilas and, instead of killing him, crushed his Battlenizer and left. As Mephilas, now Armored Mephilas, approached a giant trident lodged in the ground, Temperor appeared once more, mocking the alien, who merely told him to fight on. However, after his monster Arigera was summoned, Armored Mephilas killed Temperor with a slash to the chest, then used an energy slash to mow down Arigera.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This Monster reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

In video gamesEdit

He is also a playable character in the PSP game Ultraman: Fighting Evolution 0


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