Alien Zetton (ゼットン星人 Zetton Seijin?) is a race of alien creatures originally featured in the 1966 tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman. A alien that looks like Kemur.

Subtitle: Transforming Monster (変身怪人 Hensin Kaijin?).

Ultraman Edit

The Zettonian Seijin were one of many races who, at one time or another, would seek Earth as their own, however unlike many of the others before them, they were far better prepared for their invasion, having obtained one of the monster powerful monsters to ever fight an Ultra, Zetton. The Zettonian Seijin headed towards Earth, their ships massive in number, prepared for a full scale invasion. Having become well aware of the Science Patrol’s role in stopping previous invasions by Baltan Seijin, Zarab Seijin, Dada, Mephilas Seijin, a higher ranking Zettonian Seijin disguised himself as a human, his intent being to infiltrate the Science Patrol. A several space probes were launched to intercept the incoming ships and figure out what they were, only to be obliterated by the Zettonian Seijin’s powerful weapons. This would tip the Science Patrol to the incoming aliens and a fleet of jets were deployed and entered a dogfight with the invasion fleet as they entered the atmosphere. While many ships were destroyed on both sides, the Zetton Seijin gained the upper hand and obliterated their attackers. Not having lost even a fraction of their force, the Zettonian Seijin continued their advance. With the invasion still coming, the Science Patrol stepped up to fight back, however, the Zetton Seijin agent sent to Earth was quick to knock out and replace a official visiting the Science Patrol base. As the Zettonian Seijin were confronted by two Science Patrol fighters, they found themselves totally outmatched in terms of fighting skills by the group of humans specifically trained to battle aliens and monsters, the two ships destroying fighter after fighter. But their agent back in the Science Patrol HQ knocked out the member who stayed behind and began destroying their technology. In the midst of the battle between the Science Patrol and the Zettonian Seijin armada, the mother ship escaped into a canyon and disappeared while most of their remaining fighters were shot down. Returning home, the Science Patrol discovered their commander center badly damaged and began chasing after the Zettonian Seijin spy. The alien was finally tackled to the ground by Hayata and revealed himself as the vile alien he was. Before he could do anything, he was shot and killed, repeatedly saying Zetton, the order to unleash the monster. On call, the Zetton Seijin mother ship emerged from below ground and landed. The craft opened up, producing a large blue sphere that detonated, releasing the alien’s ultimate weapon named after their homeworld, the immensely powerful monster Zetton.

Ultraman Max Edit

His height is around 1.9 Meters tall.

In the year 8000 BC Zettonian inserted nano DNA into humans from their creation, Zetton. Ten thousand years later the nano DNA fully matured in a young girl named Natty that visited DASH and told them DASH would be destroyed and Zetton would kill Ultraman Max. That night Zettonian visited Natty and awoke the nano DNA within her body, allowing Zettonian to possess her. Natty infiltrated DASH, found the coordinates to defense satellites, and destroyed them with an alien sword. Not long after she literally jumped away Zetton crashed to Earth in a blue fire ball. Zetton was destroyed by the combined power of max and Ultraman Xenon, but he was only one of five monsters Zettonian would use to conquer Earth. Later it turns out the last four fighters are actually four ships. The four ships came to Earth and left the message "King Joe". That night Zettonian possessed Natty again and used her to pilot King Joe that morning. Once King Joe was destroyed Zettonian teleported Natty and Kaito to the Zetton Zone where she killed Zettonian, ending the reign he had over her for good.

Ultra Galaxy Daikaijyu Battle NEVER ENDING ODYSSEY Edit

Alien Zetton found himself challenged by Alien Hook and his second Dorako. However, in the middle of their monsters’ fight, a Mass Production King Joe Black appeared and killed both their monsters. Alien Zetton turned to see a Reionyx Hunter, who shot him and Alien Hook dead.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This Monster re-appeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie



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