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Alisa Illinichina Amiella
File:Alisa Illinichina Amiella.jpg
Alisa Illinichina Amiella in Gods Eater Burst
(artwork by Koichi Itakura and Sokabe Shuji, Shift (company)
Game series Gods Eater Burst
First game Gods Eater Burst (2010)
Voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (God Eater series)

Alisa Illinichina Amiella (アリサ・イリーニチナ・アミエーラ Arisa Irīnichina Amiēra?) is a character introduced in Gods Eater Burst. She is one of the new type of God Eaters who transferred from a Russian branch to the Fenrir Far East Branch, 1st Unit. She has a lot of pride and will say whatever is on her mind. She may even be mentally unstable as time will show. [1] In many incidents, she has failed her teammates by going into shock triggered by a past memory. Her parents were killed by an Dyaus Pita in the past; therefore, she is extremely afraid any Vajra type Aragami. In God Eater 2, she joins Cradle along with Lindow, Soma, and the Protagonist.[2]


Gods Eater BurstEdit

Alisa, one of the New-Type God Eaters, was transferred from the Fenrir Russian branch to the Far East Branch. Her parents were killed by an Aragami, so she has prejudices towards these beings until she meets Shio. She plays a key part in Lindow's disappearance. During the Moon in the Welkin mission, her fear of the Aragami that killed her family triggered a nervous breakdown which also activated a subconscious command implanted by the Director in part of his plot to counter Lindow's spy mission on the Ark Project. While she was supposed to shoot Lindow directly, her shot instead trapped him. This murderous command was again used when Sakuya and Alisa confronted Schicksal in Aegis, causing her to momentarily turn on Sakuya. However, Sakuya knocked her out with recovery bullet and escaped with her. No further signs of this subconscious control are shown.

God Eater 2Edit

Alisa is now a member of the branch Cradle. She is one of the project leaders of Satellite Base search sites.

God Eater ResurrectionEdit

God Eater Resurrection (GER) is remake from Gods Eater Burst (2010), Alisa will have the same role as when playing at Gods Eater Burst. Release October 2015 [3]

Other appearancesEdit

Alisa's appearance not just come from the game, Alisa also appears on God eater Novel like God Eater: Days of Ruins, God Eater: Those Who Break Taboo. God Eater: Alisa in Underworld, God Eater: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, and God Eater 2: Moonlight Mile and she is appears on the manga too,[4] God Eater: The Spiral Fate,[5] God Eater: The Summer Wars,[6] God Eater -the 2nd break- and [7] God Eater 2: Undercover. After all on 2015, she appears on God Eater Anime that released by Ufotable.


At first, Alisa is somewhat cheeky, impatient and, under certain circumstances, shows signs of an unstable psyche, especially if they remind her of her parents' death. After recovering with the protagonist's help, Alisa becomes kind, cooperative, and becomes especially protective of her allies, although on occasion she still shows traces of her old habits.


Alisa Illinichina Amiella (15)Edit

Joined Fenrir Russia Branch in 2070. Transferred to Fenrir Far East Branch in 2071. A New-Type Gods Eater summoned from the Russia Branch by Director Schicksal. Despite lack of actual combat experience, achieved exceptional scores in simulated combat. As she is a new transfer, she is subject to special therapy sessions on a regular basis. God Arc: Long Blade Assault (New-Type/Variable)

Alisa Illinichina Amiella: 2 (15)Edit

Suspected of breaking into Aegis (under construction) and believed to be at large in the Fenrir Branch vicinity. Joined Fenrir Russia Branch in 2070. Transferred to Fenrir Far East Branch in 2071.

Alisa Illinichina Amiella: 3 (15)Edit

Joined Fenrir Russia Branch in 2070. Transferred to Fenrir Far East Branch in 2071. Temporarily removed from the battle front, but once restored to active duty, played a significant role in thwarting the Ark Project, a scheme of the former Branch Director. Maximizing her potential as a New-Type, she is showing consistent progress. God Arc: Long Blade Assault (New-Type/Variable)

Character RelationshipsEdit

  • Protagonist (Player, Yuu Kannagi, Utsugi Lenka) - As evidenced by gameplay and what happen in the anime. Protagonist helped her from the incident, Alisa values their life highly; she also has hints of a crush on them, exemplified by what happens after it.
  • Kota Fujiki - One of her friends; while not as close to him as she is the protagonist, they do get along to an extent.
  • Lindow Amamiya - At first, Alisa didn't value Lindow too much, and her view of him was more or less "he's just an Old-Type". After he went MIA, she was clearly sad about it, and she expressed great joy to the protagonist when his actions managed to bring Lindow back to Far East Branch.
  • Sakuya Tachibana - Through their interactions in the first game and anime, it is shown that Alisa and Sakuya are friends.


  • Alisa is a playable character in Project X Zone.
  • Although she is a New-Type and is capable of Impulse Edge, she doesn't use it in-game. She does use it in the collaboration game Project X Zone though. Her Impulse Edge is a Blaze: L-Type Radial.
  • In God Eater 2, her Blood Art is Sonic Caliber.
  • Her name in Hebrew means "great happiness".
  • In the anime she didn't go through a trauma during her second mission with the 1st Unit, when she was fighting a Varja. Instead she went beserker when she saw the Dyaus Pita.
  • In her "Another Character" version, she uses a different Blood Art from her normal counterpart. She uses Misty Moon instead of Sonic Caliber.
  • Her DLC costume in God Eater 2 is based on the Million Dreams costume from THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!.

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