Alive is a local television station branding, used in different markets across the United States. It is also the name of a television news music package offered by 615 Music


The "Alive" branding was originally developed in 1976 by San Diego-based broadcast imaging firm Peters Productions, for KCST-TV San Diego, "39 Alive." However, perhaps the most famous use of the "Alive" image was WXIA-TV Atlanta, "11 Alive." The "Alive" brand was popular among television stations in the late 1970s and early 1980s. WXIA continues to identify itself as "11 Alive" to the present day.

Along with WXIA, another of the most famous examples of the "Alive" branding was WPIX-TV New York, who utilized the "11 Alive" branding from 1977 to 1986.

In the late 1970s, WXIA's owner Combined Communications extended its use of the "Alive" branding to three more of its stations: KOCO-TV Oklahoma City ("5 Alive"); WLKY-TV Louisville ("32 Alive"); and WPTA-TV Fort Wayne ("21 Alive"). These stations' use of the "Alive" name continued after Gannett acquired the Combined stations in 1979.

During the 1970s and 1980s, the "Alive" brand was also used by KHQ-TV Spokane ("Q-6 Alive") and WKEF-TV Dayton ("22 Alive"), among others.

Originally, "Alive" was a registered trademark of Peters Productions. The "Alive" campaign often also included an associated station logo, such as the logo used by WPIX, the logo used by KCST and KHQ, or that used by the Combined/Gannett stations; and associated promo jingles, such as those used by WPIX or WXIA.

WLKY and WPTA continued to use the "Alive" name after being sold by Gannett in 1983 - WLKY until 1986, and WPTA to the present day.

KOCO, which remained under Gannett's ownership until its sale to Hearst-Argyle Television in 1997, continued promoting itself as "5 Alive" until 1994.

Briefly, in the mid-1990s, WXIA dropped the "11 Alive" moniker as part of an image makeover. A short time later, WXIA began calling itself "11 Alive" once again, and continues to do so to the present day.

Stations that use or have used the Alive brandingEdit

[1][2]WXIA, the Atlanta NBC affiliate's present logo

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Currently Uses Other Notes
1. New York, New York WPIX CW Network No WPIX 11 (Independent) from 1986-1995, WB 11 from 1995-2006, CW 11 from 2006-2008 WPIX 11 since 2008.
9. Atlanta, Georgia WXIA NBC Yes Has used the 11Alive branding from 1976-Aug. 1994 and again since Sep. 1994, after viewer feedback caused WXIA to revert back to 11Alive.
27. San Diego, California KCST (now KNSD) NBC No
46. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma KOCO ABC No Has identified as "Eyewitness News 5" since 1998
55. Louisville, Kentucky WLKY ABC (until 9/1990), CBS (after 9/1990) No "32 Alive" branding existed 1977-1986. Was known as "Channel 32 News" 1986-1998, "NewsChannel 32" 1998-2008, and "WLKY News" 2008-present.
62. Dayton, Ohio WKEF NBC (until 2004), ABC (since 2004) No "22 Alive" branding existed 1978-1994. Known as "ABC 22 News" since 2004.
106. Fort Wayne, Indiana WPTA ABC Yes
110. Reno, Nevada KOLO-TV ABC No Used to be identified as TV8Alive, then NewsChannel 8, now KOLO 8 News

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Alive: the news music packageEdit

Alive is also the name of a syndicated news music package, composed by 615 Music. As of December 2006, the package is currently/has been used by eight television stations, only two stations no longer use the package for its newscasts.

In 1999, 615 Music was commissioned by WXIA to compose a new music package called Alive after its longtime station branding. This new package has been updated once and now consists of two versions with version 2 being of a somewhat more hard news nature. WXIA currently uses the package only for the Sunday Morning political talk show it produces called, "11 Alive News Weekend In Depth" which airs Sunday mornings at 11:30 AM ET (Alive has been supplanted by The Tower, also composed by 615 Music, made for NBC affiliates, for its newscasts since 2006). The music signature of the package, if lyrics accompanied it, would translate as "I Love Atlanta!."

A station using the Alive music package might not necessarily use the "Alive" branding, and vice versa. For example, Fox affiliate WALA in Mobile, Alabama used the music package for its newscasts for less than a year, but its on-air branding is "FOXten" (as opposed to FOX10) and Lima, Ohio NBC affiliate WLIO uses the Alive package for its newscasts but calls itself NBC Lima. The package consists of 3 CDs containing 164 cuts centered around 19 primary themes. A version with the NBC chimes is also available.

Stations that use or have used the Alive news music packageEdit

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Years Used Other Notes
8. Atlanta, Georgia WXIA NBC 1999-2008 First station to commission versions 1 & 2; still used for Weekend InDepth"
WPXA ION Television, formerly Pax Unknown-2005 Simulcasted WXIA newscasts
14. Seattle, Washington KONG Independent 2004-2007
35. Salt Lake City, Utah KUTV CBS 2007-present
KJZZ-TV Independent 2007-2010 Repurposed newscast produced by KUTV
47. Winston-Salem, North Carolina WAKE-TV No network affiliation 2006-present First non-commercial television station to commission the package as station is operated by Wake Forest University
59. Mobile, Alabama WALA FOX 2002-2003
79. Columbia, South Carolina WLTX CBS 2006-2008
196. Lima, Ohio WLIO NBC 2002-present

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