"All Day Nigger" is a Moon Man single produced by [redacted] and released to youtube on June 22, 2015. It is about killing niggers and jews. It is a remix of "Real Motherfuckin G's" by Eazy-E. It features Ben Garrison as a guest rapper, who joins Moon Man in promoting the genocide. Audrina Patridge also plays a guest role in defense of africans.

This song was released on the Miscellaneous compilation album.

Lyrics Edit

Holy shit, this is so much easier Thank you superdreamnigger

Moon Man Two thousand and fifteen Time to start this holocaust You hear that Storm on your roof? We're coming Begin

Niggers on a tree We're all hanging The faggots and jews They're flaming All day Ha ha

All day I waste niggers on the street All day nigger Their blood runs down the roads of Tel Aviv All day nigger

[Audrina] How often do africans have to die?

All day nigger How much do these bitches cry? All day nigger

[Audrina] This isn't funny Moon Man, you need to donate your money To help the africans They don't need to die

Three six-six-sixty-five That's how often I hate niggers All day nigger

[Ben Garrison] Ben Garrison here Lakeside, Montana

You've got something to say?

[Ben Garrison] I wanna kill all the blacks And I wanna kill jewish children And I'm, you know,  I'm just this mass-murdering Nazi

How many times do I gotta say this? All day nigger How long will the jews pay? All day nigger I rape these butches into submission A conscription to shove my piston into her vaginal conviction Fuck feminism Nothing rhymes with "ism" All day nigger

They made me like this A mass-murdering kike push A little bit of vodka and dank kush A mask, and I'll shove a pike up her tush I'll cut niggers up until they're mush All day nigger

All day nigger How long we gotta hate? All day nigger How long do I fill bix nood with my AK? All day nigger KKK, KKK, KKK, KKK, KK, KK Gotta love it All day nigger Ben Garrison Storm Gone but not forgotten All day nigger Your time is running out Any time, nigger Moon Man See you soon, man

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