Allieds or Allied Worlds of Earth refers to the relatively small new empire centered on Earth, in the Saga of the Skolian Empire books by Catherine Asaro.

The books' setting describes the situation that when the people of Earth finally achieve interstellar space travel, they shockingly discover that many worlds have already been populated or controlled either by the Skolian Imperialate or the Eubian Concord. These are the descendants of humans who were transported from earth some 6000 years ago by an unknown alien race to the planet Raylicon. The two empires, both more massive and more advanced than the Allied Worlds of Earth, are often at war, so neither can spare the personnel or equipment to control or conquer the Allieds.

After the Radiance War, where both the Skolians and the Eubians have destroyed much of each others, the Allieds play an increasingly powerful role, including holding key figures of the Skolian ruling Ruby Dynasty on Earth (such as Roca Skolia) to prevent their return to power; and helping broker peace talks between the other two major empires. The Allieds also expand their empires to include several former colonies of both the Skolians and the Eubians. The main power of the Allieds lies in their strong commerce.

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