Allison Hawkins is a character on the US post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. She is played by Jazz Raycole.

Allison Hawkins is one of Jericho's newest residents. Formerly from Washington D.C. Allison first opposed the move to Jericho, Kansas. She has become very independent and always saw her father as the enemy and kept refuting everything her father told her to do. Toward the middle of the fall season she seemed to be drawn closer her dad and bonded with him by learning how to shoot a gun and to type a straight IP Address. In the episode Semper Fidelis she shoots Sarah Mason after Mason has held Sammy Hawkins hostage and then physically overwhelmed both Robert and Darcy, and is likely to kill them. At the end of the episode when Darcy takes her and Sammy away from their father she tells Robert, "I love you Dad".

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