Amel Bouchoucha is one of the 20 contestants on Star Academy 5 of the middle east. Amel was born on 25th July 1983 in a city called "Ounza" in Algeria, She loves her family very much and She has two sisters and two brothers. When she was 18 she's travelled to France where she's studied about Beautification and cosmetics and became a beautician.Amel also has worked in a modeling agency.She loves to sing since she was a child as she became young she was serious about her music career, she encouraged by her dad who always support her to join Star Academy 5, she sang to the casting team and they immediately have accepted her to be one of the 20 candidates and she was the only Algerian candidate in the program. The first time she was on the stage of Star Academy, the audience was stunned by her great performance and they have thought she is a professional singer!.She has great powerful voice, stunning presence on the stage and her unique style, with her breath taking beauty and charisma, charming eyes,attractive pose on the stage, super wonderful smile and spectacular style..she's gained all the attention of audience and watchers from the first time. Inside the Academy, she's proved she is extremely talented as singer, she's proved she is able not only to sing but she's doing good also in acting and dancing class as well.Every prime she's showed that she's great singer and performer, she sings in different languages and different.She can sing in ARABIC, ENGLISH and FRENCH as well as her ability to sing with different accents like Egyptian, Lebanese, moroccan, Iraqian , gulfian as well as Algerian accent. She sang with many famous singers like Tina Arena, Angoun, Nadia, Nawal Alzoghbi and many more, and all were impressed by her talent and they have admitted that "Amel Bouchoucha got what it takes to be a national singer". Unfortunately, and after 13 prime show in Star Academy she's been chosen by the Academy's teacher to be nominated and leave the Academy.To fans It's unfair decision to exclude Amel Bouchoucha from the contest and she must stay to the final Academy's prime. Amel Bouchoucha is a very nice person, good friend and she always there for her friends and good listener, unlike the other contestants she is very Loyal and honest, no matter what happens, and everyone who knows her says she is such a sweetheart, down to earth, generous and very kind...She loves to laugh very much but at the same time she is serious, she has special illuminating smile ...With her unique character and her sweet personality she's gained a huge fan base from all over the arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Gulf, Iraq, Yemen, libya, Tunis, Morocco as well as her country "Algeria".She's very famous for her great ethics and attitude and for representing her country "Algeria" in a very best way


, -Amel has joined "Yala Music" production. -On 2010, "Batal Al'alm Arabi" song and video clip by Amel Bouchoucha supporting the Algerian football team on 2010 mondial . -On 2010, She has been working on a new series "Zakirat Al-Jasad" , she is playing the role character of "Hayat".“Zakirat Al Jasad” is based on a novel by the writer Ahlam Mestghanmi, it revolves around a painter” Khaled Ebn Toubal”( Jamal Sleiman) who lived at the time of the Algerian Liberation revolution. The series has been filmed between Paris, Algeria, Spain, Tunisia and Syria; it is directed by Najdat Anzor and produced by Abu Dhabi TV.

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