Amphipolis is a fictional place in the television series Xena: Warrior Princess, inspired by the existing village Amphipolis.

Amphipolis historyEdit

Amphipolis went through many tragedies such as deaths, attacks and ghosts, but went through all that. Amphipolis village is the birthplace of Xena, and why Xena has always been willing to protect it.

Cortese's attackEdit

The first great tragedy that happened to Amphipolis attack was the warrior Cortese, which planned to destroy everything in their path. Xena and his brother Lyceus formed an army to face it, and managed to win, but many villagers died, including Lyceus[1], the mother of Xena, Cyrene, said the fault was it, and Xena has Amphipolis and started to destroy villages to protect its land, its height was the village of Neapolis[2]. Many years later, Xena has the forgiveness of all when that prevented Amphipolis were looted by Draco[3].

Athena's siegeEdit

During the events of Twilight of the Gods, the armies of Athena surrounded Amphipolis, and threatened kill all if they do not kill Eve, Xena's child, which was the Twilight's center, but all have refused to surrender and Eve have prepared for the fight, many villagers died, but the siege ended when Xena killed Athena's best friend, Ilainus[4], once again Amphipolis was saved by Xena.

Mephistopheles' tormentEdit

During the 25 years that Xena and Gabrielle were stuck in ice[5], Amphipolis was troubled by Mephistopheles, king of the underworld, the villagers thought that was the Cyrene helping Mephistopheles and burned alive. When Xena arrived at Amphipolis, found his mother dead and the city destroyed, Mephistopheles said that only relieve the city if the Xena took to the physical world in order to Xena poured drops of blood of Eve, messaging, and Eli worst enemy of Mephistopheles , and so that the devil stepped on the ground and Xena kill him[6], with the death of Mephistopheles, the portal to hell killed the goodness in the heart of the people, and only stopped when Xena sent the archangel Lucifer to reign in hell[7].

Theme MusicEdit

The music Gled Ma Gled, orHomeland, is the theme song of the city[8], was presented for the first time in Sins of the Past, and again in Remember Nothing[9] and Intimate Stranger[10]. In Amphipolis Under Siege, the villagers themselves sang, in front of Athena.

Amphipolis VillagersEdit

  • Maphias


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