Anna Morgan is a fictional character in the 2002 movie The Ring, portrayed by actress Shannon Cochran.

In the filmsEdit

In the film, she and her husband Richard (Brian Cox) own and operate the Morgan Ranch on the fictional Moesko Island in Washington, where they are award-winning horse breeders.

Anna had desperately wanted a child and had conceived quite a number of them with her husband, but all of them ended in miscarriage. They later adopted a daughter named Samara (Daveigh Chase); however, it soon becomes apparent that something is terribly wrong with Samara, as Anna begins to slowly go insane, driven by horrifying visions the young girl was supernaturally feeding her, either on purpose or out of lack of control of her powers. Anna and Samara are eventually admitted to a psychiatric institution. Later, at Richard's insistence, they are taken out. Thereafter, Samara is forced to live in their barn, away from the house, in hopes that it would stop Anna's visions. It does not, and the horses in the barn go insane, running to the beach nearby, where they drown themselves.

Eventually, Anna murders Samara at their getaway in Shelter Mountain by suffocating her with a plastic bag, and then dropping the body into a nearby well. However, little do the Morgans know, Samara survives in the well for seven days before finally dying. Shortly thereafter, Anna commits suicide by jumping off of a cliff, a death which Samara presumably plays a part in from beyond the grave.

Other incarnationsEdit

In the original Japanese novels and films, her name is Shizuko Yamamura, and a very different character from Anna Morgan. She is the natural mother of the counterpart of Samara, Sadako Yamamura.

In The Ring Virus, the Korean remake of the Japanese film, her name is Park Jung-Sook, and a very different character from Anna Morgan. She is the natural mother of the counterpart of Samara, Park Eun-Suh.

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