Dungeons & Dragons Deity
Title(s) The Prime, the Great Creator
Home Plane Concordant Domain of the Outlands
Power Level Greater
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Magic, knowledge, fertility, philosophy
Domains Knowledge, Magic, Plant, Sun

In the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, Annam is the giant deity of Magic, Knowledge, Fertility, and Philosophy. Also known as the All-Father, is the creator god of the giant pantheon.


Annam is wise, learned, and philosophical, but also lustful, instinctive, and unpredictable. He foresees the future but cannot prepare for it.


In many campaign settings, the giantish pantheon of gods consists of the leader Annam, as well as Grolantor, Hiatea, Iallanis, Karontor, Memnor, Skoraeus Stonebones, and Stronmaus. Other powers worshipped by giants or giant-type creatures include Baphomet, Kostchtchie, and Vaprak.


Annam’s Hidden Realm is on the plane of the Outlands. He originally lived in Ysgard, in a realm called Gudheim, but Annam departed for his crystal tower because he tired of having to watch over countless worlds and conflicts; in his realm a mechanical orrery of the multiverse simulates the perfection he craves.

Myths and legendsEdit


Annam is said to have been born from the primal forces of Chaos and Law.


Annam is believed by giants to have created all the worlds of the Prime Material Plane. The storm giants think of him as a sleeping god, and believe reality sprang from his dreams.

Annam's retreatEdit

Some myths say Annam retreated to his hidden realm over despair at the endless quarreling of his sons. Some say, instead, that he fled to escape the wrath and nagging of his many concubines, or in sorrow that he could never find a bride who was his equal. Still others say he is nursing the wounds he suffered when he fought the evil giant god Memnor.


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