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1) Exporting Pages from WikipediaEdit

You may wish to save a copy of your game articles as a backup or to copy them to another wiki such as this one here. You can do this by exporting your pages in XML format. The quickest way to do this is by using the special pages Special:Export

  a. In the toolbox in the left-hand sidebar, click "Special pages."
  b. In the list of special pages, click "Export pages."
  c. Type otr paste a list of article names into the Export text box.
 10. Check or uncheck the checkbox "Include only the current revision, not the full history," as you prefer.
 11. Click "Submit Query." 

The result is an XML file containing the latest version of all your pages and history (if you checked the box). The file can be saved from your browser and later imported into this or another MediaWiki wiki using Special:Import. (For example, using Internet Explorer, go to the File menu and select "Save As..." to save the XML file as a .xml document.)

2) Importing Pages from Wikipedia hereEdit

After obtaining the XML file with exported wikipedia pages (step 1 above) the come here on this wiki to import them:

  a. In the toolbox in the left-hand sidebar, click "Special pages."
  b. In the list of special pages, click "Import pages."
  c. On the Import page menu, click "Browse" and select the xml file you obtained in step 1.
  d. Click on "Upload". You should see a message saying "Import successful" on the top of the page soon

3) After ImportingEdit

Find the articles you imported by typing their title on the search box or seeing a list of recent changes. Edit all the inline links ( the ones that use [[) to add a [[wikipedia: so that it links back to wikipedia. This will avoid red links for common words.

Additional NotesEdit

  • Imported pages won't come with images. You will have to upload them here and edit the original link.
  • Reimporting the same XML file will not undo any changes. Delete the article then import again, that will reset it

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