"Arab Freestyle" is a Moon Man song that was released in his classic YTMND era. It focuses on the hatred of arabs. It is also called "Arab Freestyle pt.2" because it is part of a series of freestyle tracks, the other two parts being "Racist Freestyle [pt.1]" and "Mexican Freestyle [pt.3]". These tracks were later added to the mixtape Notorious KKK.

Lyrics Edit

The world needs me in this time of crisis I'm a lyrical genius with these poetic devices I gave Pluto's pussy a case of arthritis It's about to go down, KKK versus ISIS Many think God is creator of the Earth Adam and Eve, who the fuck gave birth? But what we don't know is who the fuck made arsenic Oh that's right, it's the goddamn arabics Swarm your town like a pack of honeybees Oh it's noon, better pray down on my knees But I'm the motherfucking Moon, so I ain't got none I guess they don't know the end already has begun What the fuck you gonna do, rub your genie in a lamp? All the government can do is take away your foodstamps Is the 9/11 attack the best you've got? Why can't you eat food before it begins to rot? You think the arab way is the way to be If you're not an extremist you get shot or you flee You teach kids by strapping bombs to their chest You really think the Mecca trip's a fucking quest Okay, now I'm really really done with this song Your bullshit ideology is completely wrong No wonder your country's in fucking distress Live long to KKK and down with the rest

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