Araevin Teshurr a character in the Forgotten Realms, is a sun elf of the ancient House of Floshin (the House of Long Silences). In his younger days in Faerûn (before he joined the wizards at Tower Reilloch) he formed the Company of the White Star with Grayth Holmfast (a human priest of Lathander), Baron Darthen Ironwright, Theleda Rost (now deceased), and the dwarf cleric of Moradin named Belmora (now deceased). Araevin also had a hawk familiar named Whyllwyst, whose cause of demise is not explained.

Araevin returned from Faerun to join the wizards at Tower Reilloch, where he broadened his already vast knowledge of the arcane arts. During this time he became engaged to Ilsevele Miritar, daughter of Seiveril Miritar (a sun elf lord of Elion and a high priest of Corellon Larethian), but they decided to wait twenty years before getting married.

Around the time when the Dlaedrageths awoke from their ancient slumber, Araevin was two hundred and sixty-six years old. To find the Telkiira that led to the Nightstar, he returned to Faerun with Ilsevele and attempted to reform the Company of the White Star. They were joined by Grayth, his apprentice Brant, and Maresa Rost (daughter of Theleda).

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