Official BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger artwork for Arakune.
First game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Created by Toshimichi Mori/Yuuki Katou
Voiced by Takashi Hikida (JP),

Spike Spencer (ENG)

A character in the first installment of "BlazBlue". Arakune is an unidentified species made up of insects. He looks like blob of dark liquid that wears what seems be a mask. He values only power a knowledge only (he wishes to learn how to speak) and will attack those who dare get close to him. Arakune lives in lower quarter of Kagutsuchi feeding on lower power sources. Although now he senses a greater power in the higher quarter of the city, he scavengers for that power to take it as his own. Arakune can be seen reading in exchange for his ignorance, as he speaks he can not be understood (unless in the game's dialogue).

Story ModeEdit

(this section may be upgraded as necessary when the JP version is translated or the NA release is thoroughly explained.)



Arakune's ability to lock the insects that manifest inside his body on to his opponent; making him a tricky person to fight if used right. Arakune mostly uses spiders for this technique and can place traps around the surface. Arakune can shapeshift to some forms of his liking also making his combat movements unpredictable.


  • Arakune is seen reading a large number of books in his gameplay opening.
  • Arakune's source of "high power" seems to be Ragna the Bloodedge.
  • Litchi Faye Ling sees Arakune as a subject that needs to be saved/or killed.
  • He attacks most of "Kaka" clan because of their supernatural existence. Therefore they have a higher force of life. "Kaka" also live near Arakune's lair, making them easier prey.


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