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Arelith is a small community of Dungeons and Dragons roleplayers centered around the Neverwinter Nights (NwN)multiplayer experience. The Arelith NwN server is considered by many to be among the best of the persistent worlds amongst all the servers remaining, so much so that the Arelith Development Team even managed to lure the interest of Bioware, gaining them abit of e-publicity and causing Arelith's popularity to skyrocket as a result.[1]. Run and cared for by a fanatical player known as Jjjerm, the server is based on the Forgotten Realms universe that many Dungeons & Dragons games adhere too. The server itself is noted[2] for how the server's owner refuses to allow hak-paks and unofficial mods in an attempt to make Arelith as accessible as possible, instead choosing to use the original NWN content and expansions (SoU and HotU). Arelith is unique in that it runs off of the GIGASCHATTEN engine, an unintrusive Persistent Worlds environment for Neverwinter Nights. Developed mainly by a player known as Gigaschatten, the engine brought forth many new features to the Arelith world, such as a hunger (food, water, realistic fatiguing of a character) and dynamic deity system. After Gigaschatten's departure from the Neverwinter Nights roleplaying scene, another veteran player using the callsign Mithreas took over and now maintains the engine alongside the rest of the Arelith Dev Team. Mithreas' efforts have brought forth many new features to the engine, including background feats, newly improved bonuses when choosing specific spell focuses, and many more. A talented player known as Artos spearheads world design for the Arelith community, giving players a layer of immersion unlike never before with his beautiful (and horrifying) visions.

Arelith covers a large portion of the Forgotten Realms universe, even going so far as to implementing a complete, fully-functional Underdark. The server attempts to balance the surface world and the Underdark, allowing players to option to play many roles in the world. Supported subraces include: Drow, Goblins, Kobolds, Orog, Duergar, Svirfneblin, Aasimar, Tiefling, Fey, and numerous other races such as the Moon Elf. With scripting, the bonuses and penalties of each race according to the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset are in place, bringing balance and more diversity amongst characters.

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