"Artie" is a fictional character played by Rip Torn on the American television series The Larry Sanders Show. His last name is never mentioned during the run of the show, but his full first name is Arthur.

Personal historyEdit

Artie served in the Marine Corps during the Korean War. His first job in show business was as a bouncer. Artie's first job as a producer was on The Jackie Gleason Show, under producer Bob Sterling. He had replaced Sterling as producer after working on the show for six months. Artie also worked on The Jack Paar Show and The Dick Cavett Show during his career prior to becoming producer of The Larry Sanders Show.


Artie is tough and very loyal to Larry. He has a special ability to manipulate people into doing exactly what is best for the show. According to several interviews with both Rip Torn and series creator Garry Shandling, the character of Artie is largely based on long-serving TV and Film producer Fred De Cordova who produced (and eventually executive-produced) The Tonight Show for over twenty years, encompassing almost all of Johnny Carson's run as host including his iconic final broadcast. De Cordova himself guest-starred in an episode of the show as himself in several scenes with Larry and Artie.


Hank KingsleyEdit

Like most of the employees on the show, Artie has little respect for Hank and believes he makes a number of very poor decisions. However Artie is wise enough to understand the dynamic relationship between Larry and Hank, and is often looking out for him as a result (see Hank's Divorce Episode).

Francine SandersEdit

Along with Hank, Artie strongly dislikes Larry's ex-wife Francine and is very unhappy when she gets back together with him; when Larry is with Francine, he does not put full effort into the show. Artie has never forgiven Francine for smashing Larry's People Choice Award.

Stevie GrantEdit

Artie dislikes all agents, but he especially dislikes Larry's obnoxious agent and he is very proud of Larry after Larry fires him in "The Beginning of the End."

Melanie ParrishEdit

Artie, like Larry, dislikes most network executives; but unlike Larry, he is able to deal with them. Larry depends on Artie to deal with Melanie for him. Artie mentions that he thinks that he killed a man like Melanie in Korea.

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