Aryan Dope is the first official single from Moon Man's upcoming album, Straight Outta Ferguson.

Lyrics Edit

M, to the O, to the, O, to the N.

Slip n' slide in my brand new ride.

The moon is back like the rebel flag I hang with pride (a worldwide collide).

Burning niggers and shooting up the west side.

Straight Outta Ferguson. You know I got the time.

Laying it down with WhiteTopia.

More dead niggers than the ghettos than Ethiopia.

As I get chased by the media.

But you know that my dramatica belongs in the encyclopedia.

That's right.

We're rolling without the premium remedial shit.

The fat shit to bring the noise in the moshpits.

You know it.

So fuck the niggers, fuck the spics, fuck the jews.

I make the news with every record I produce.

That's just how I am.

50 million records later, Moonman is still the fucking man.

Blacks are inferior and you fucking know it.

Social Justice Warriors bitch at me like I give a shit.

Feminists hoes and White Knight Joes throw more fits.

But I don't give a shit, because I'm too busy putting my dick between your girlfriend's tits.

But it's time for the chorus, so just drop and split.

Equal rights? Like I give a shit.


Come on, Moonman!

Make me wet.

Make this a night I won't forget.

Come on, Moonman!

Make me wet.

You know how I like it, hot with sweat.

Come on, Moonman!

M, to the O, to the O, to the N.

Fuck me right here before the sunset.

I ain't even mad that you left me last week.

I'm so in love with your fucking physique.

Pleasing women is your expertise.

Oh, please, Moonman, I'll get down on my knees.

Oh, baby. Please.

I cock my gun, so nigger, start to run.

I'm hotter than the fucking sun, though as memory recalls lynching season has just begun.

I'm a moon with an attitude, so if you diss my tunes then you'll end up with 10 bullet wounds.

You will get hung like High Noon, or burned alive if you're a filthy fucking coon.


Triple-K Mafia is killing niggers, spics and jews again (Bitch!)

Get the fuck off my land, because you know the man (Who?)


I'm not fucking around.

Now watch and learn as I take this cross and burn it down.

We'll take it downtown.

I'll kill 10 niggers easily with just one round.

It's so profound.

But Ferguson is my hunting ground.

So peace the fuck out from the Triple-K ultra sound.

Now pay some respects and just the fuck up and down.


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