"Asians" is the second track on Moon Man's The White Side of the Moon. It is a straightforward diss track toward asians. Audrina Patridge introduces the song.

Lyrics Edit

[Audrina] Fuck off niggers this doesn't concern you

Moonman KKK

[Audrina] Show these asian dicks the Moonman Method

Speaking of asian dicks They re like little twigs No worry there, I am thick As a pig, only four feet tall I squash asians with my balls Assuming I don t fuck those cunts When they get in my way They cannot drive for shit Nothing but math and fish To get them through their lives Plus just see slits It s like two twats on their face But I do not want a taste Stick your head in the dirt Or get jizz in your face I ll plow you over with my motorcar If you re in my way I won t hesitate to slay That asian pussy all day And if you don t obey It s back to the day When we dropped two nukes And made funny dickface I admit an upgrade From your shit-eating grin Stop with the fake Language that you made up You sound like fucking spoons Fucking together Or porking with knives The only action you will get Since honor is high Priority in your culture To that I say hi to your grandma So I can stop by And fill her up right Fuck up her eye With my cum and massive dick She wants her whole life Stop taking our jobs You yellow bitches All you want to do is continue tradition Out of respect I ll let you commence But as will I I will shoot you through the fence You fuckers will die By the hand of the great The superior being The only Moonman

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