Dungeons & Dragons creature
Alignment Varies, Same as Deity
Type Outsider
Subtype Extraplanar, Usually Aligned
Source books D&D Miniatures Handbook
First appearance D&D Miniatures

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game, an Aspect is the physical embodiment of a god, demon lord, or other such powerful, godly being sent to the Material Plane to act as a representative of the being itself, for whatever reason. Although the weakest direct representative of a god (as compared to the more potent Proxies and Avatars), Aspects remain a potent force, on the level of the stronger giants and the older elementals. Any god is easily capable of creating dozens of Aspects with little effort; but they usually only do so in response to their favored clerics, as destroying an Aspect weakens the original, and the original has no direct control over the Aspect. An odd quirk all Aspects share is that two Aspects of the same god will almost never be found in the same area; only powerful magic can force two of the same Aspects into close proximity. Aspects forced together so are likely to attack each other; evidently, the presence of another Aspect of the same deity causes an Aspect great distress.

As with most divine minions, Aspects can speak whatever language(s) their god speaks, and share the same alignment.

Creative originsEdit

Aspects were originally created to represent god figures in the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures line.

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