Bandit Kingdoms in the fictional universe of BattleTech are small pseudo-nations along the periphery of the Inner Sphere, generally encompassing from one to a handful of worlds.

In one of the few things that all of the entire population of the Inner sphere may be able to agree on is that when hearing of the Periphery they immediately have to mind is the Bandit Kingdoms. Thoughts of pirates pillaging trade lanes that are the life and heart of the Inner sphere. Most information on these brutes is solely placed in rumor, and the word of the mouth. Even though living by the ways of a pirate some kingdoms have become so well know the speaking of the name invokes panic among the populace, as in fear of being attack, so many planets allow them to rape them of equipment and resources. Many were formed during the Amaris Civil war and the following Succession Wars, but some of former regiments and mercenary forces that were nearly destroyed in battle, many are men and women that are desperate enough to do all is needed to live to the next day.

Infamous KingdomsEdit

  • The Oberon Confederation is the oldest Bandit Kingdom, founded by Hendrik Grimm I in the latter 2800s. Grimm’s descendants increasingly used diplomacy to expand their authority over neighboring bandit kings, and the term “Bandit” was no longer accurate by the time the kingdom fell to the Clans in 3049.[1]
  • The Belt Pirates of Star’s End occupy a star system that has been a pirate haven since the first Star League. Despite the technological decline during the Succession Wars, the Belt Pirates continued to build and repair jumpships in zero-G docks hidden in the star system’s asteroid belt.[2]


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