Banila (バニラ Banira?) was one of two ancient monsters that appeared in an Ultraman episode known in English as "The Red and the Blue." Banila's counterpart was Aboras. Banila appears as a red-skinned theropod-like creature with a narrow tall head, and a short snout with an upturned, almost pig-like nose. Banila has the ability to spit a stream of flaming liquid much like a flame-thrower.

Subtitle: Red Flame Monster (赤色火焔怪獣 Sekishoku Kaen Kaijū?).

Ultraman Edit

Banila is one of two ancient devil beasts sealed away eons ago and the archenemies of Aboras. The destructive twin behemoths remained trapped within their capsules until the container for both capsules was unearthed, Banilas having fallen out. While Aboras’ capsule was taken by the Science Patrol, Banila’s accidentally got transported to the dump were the dirt from the excavation was taken. Lightning flashed in the sky and Banilas’ capsule began to glow, finally a bolt struck the demon’s ancient prison, unleashing the ancient behemoth from his prison. Banila immediately set about his path of destruction once more. The Science Patrol began attacking Banila, trying to stop it from entering the city. Banila roared in rage but didn’t let their interference discourage his lust for devastation. The military arrived to try to stop Banila while the Science patrol returned to base to reload but they were no match for the ancient devil beast. But it was only a matter of time before the instinctive rivils met at the Olympics grounds and began a fiercium showdown. Banila and Aboras went at it, nether able to gain a decisive edge on one another, even with their special abilities. Even the Science Patrol’s interference didn’t turn the tide. Finally, Aboras managed to topple Banila to the ground, where his eye was shot out by the Science Patrol, enabling Aboras’ acid to hit its mark. Banila roared out in agony as the acidic foam dissolved his flesh, soon reducing the devil beast to nothing.

The Ultraman Edit

This monster re-appeared in the series The Ultraman.

Yet another Baladon monster, Banila was unleashed alongside Aboras and the pair instantly began to battle. Trading blows like gigantic boxers, the pair was interrupted by the Science Garrison’s bombing of the alien island. When the flames died, Ultraman Jonias was in the midst of combating Red King! Banila and Aboras moved in to aid the island’s strongest monster, but a quick shot of his Planium Ray instantly destroyed both Aboras and Banila!

Ultraman Powered Edit

Like its counterpart Aboras, it reappeared in the series Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.

One of two devil kaiju created by an advanced civilization from 1300 BC, Banila was locked away with Aboras in special sarcofiguses. After Banila's sarcofigus was found, WINR translated the hieroglyphics and revealed the warning of the existence of the two devil kaiju. Fortunately, both of them could only emerge if their sarcofiguses were exposed to certain sounds. As WINR found Aboras walking around, Banila's sarcofigus did the very same thing at WINR's base and was heading out of a resivour. The two devil kaiju met in a Los Angeles neighborhood on the outskirts of the main city where they began to battle. Aboras seemed to have won the battle with his melting liquid usntil Banila used acidic reformation to continue his attack. As the two devil kaiju fought each other again, Kenichi turned into Ultraman Powered. During the battle, WINR used a special machine to emit 23,000 herts, greatly weakening both devil kaiju and allowed Powered to destroy Aboras and then Banila with the Mega Specium Ray.

Trivia Edit

Banila had the same roar used for Anguirus only sped up.

ja:バニラ (ウルトラ怪獣)

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