Barbara Radulović (born September 2, 1982 in Ogulin) is a Croatian TV host.[1] She is perhaps best known as a participant in the Nova TV talent show Story Supernova Talents in 2003.[2][3][4][5] After that appearance, Radulović soon got a chance to host HRT[6] music show Video-kiosk.[4] As of 2010, she works as an anchor host on Croatian Music Channel,[7][8][9][10] which started on November 5, 2007.

Barbara has lived in Zagreb her entire life, and is currently studying at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. She finished with all of the exams and is currently working on her thesis.[when?]

She shot an editorial for Klik magazine (a popular Croatian tabloid) in 2003. She was also chosen as the most beautiful Croatian woman on the popular Croatian portal for the year 2007.[2] [7]


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