BeForU FIRST LIVE at ZeppTokyo 2006
Directed by Tomoyuki Morigaki (F.K.C.Inc.)
Produced by Hironori Tsuboi (Metagraphica Inc.)
Starring BeForU
Distributed by Flag of JapanKonami
Release date(s) May 26, 2006
Running time APROX.127 min.
Language Japanese

BeForU FIRST LIVE at ZeppTokyo 2006 was released May 26, 2006. This DVD contains the first session live of BeForU at Zepp Tokyo February 19, 2006; 5 days after BeForU II were released. This special DVD features live renditions from their previous Bemani albums and singles, BeForU First Album, BeForU II,and KI・SE・KI. Riyu Kosaka also performed songs from her solo album, begin.

Track listingEdit

  2. KI・SE・KI
  3. DIVE2006
  4. Firefly
  5. Freedom
  6. I am...
  7. 初恋
  8. LOVE2シュガ→
  10. 摩天楼
  12. ☆Shining☆
  13. チ・カ・ラ
  14. シナリオ
  15. ヒマワリ
  16. CANDY♥
  17. 約束
  18. BLACK OUT~I want to be・・・!!
  19. BRE∀K DOWN!
  20. PEACE(^^)v (ENCORE)
  21. GRADUATION ~それぞれの明日~ (ENCORE)
  22. ENDING

Bonus MaterialEdit

  1. BeForU First Live 2006 Practice Session
  2. BeForU Special Guest Chat

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