"Before I Go" is a skit from Moon Man's KKK-Unit album. Sun Man is a guest in the skit.

Lyrics Edit

Yo this is Moonman here. KKK-Unit is almost over, but don't be discouraged. I still have one more trick up my sleeve for those filthy apes.

[Sunman] Ooga booga what da fuck did ya just say? I dindu nuffin.

Shut up fucking nigger. Anyways, this album has been documenting KKK-Unit's killing spree, so before I, or we, go, we're going out with a bang. Yeah that's right, motherfuckers. Star Man and Cloud Man are on the mic right now, so let's light this KFC in flames.

[Sunman] We're not actually in a KFC though.

Shut up worthless nigger.

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