Bejeweled Blitz is a puzzle game of the Bejeweled series created and published by Popcap Games.

Bejeweled Blitz first appeared as an application on Facebook (in 2009), but then it was available for download (in 2010) in an improved ("Awesomized", like Popcap Games says) version that is available, like in most Popcap games, in a "try-before-you-buy" version of 60 minutes.

Gameplay Edit

The principle of the game is similar to that of its predecessors, Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2. Points are obtained by swapping adjacent gems in order to align 3 or more gems of the same color vertically or horizontally. Each move that results in a match clears those gems and more cascade down to fill the empty spots. There are times where the gems after a cascade will match adjacent ones without any moves, and the cascade will continue till there are no inherent matches are available.


This installment of the game contains only one mode, similar to the Blitz mode or timed modes found in its previous variations. The only mode available is the one minute time attack. This can be played through logging into a Facebook account to acquire online coins which can be used to buy boosts which add special items to the board to enhance scoring ability, or can be played offline acquiring offline coins which serve the same purpose although for only offline boosts.


To get the highest score possible in the allotted one minute, or one minute five seconds if the five second boost was bought with the coins.

Gems Edit

There are new and old gems in this puzzle game.

Normal Gems Edit

These gems were in every Bejeweled game. They are 7 different gems, each with a unique shape and color.

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Flame Gems Edit

These gems first appeared in Bejeweled Twist, that appear to be on fire. When matched, they explode, destroying surrounding gems. They are created matching 4 gems in a row.

Star Gems Edit

These gems appear to be shining. The reaction is the same as in Bejeweled Twist's Lightning gem. When matched, they release lighting, destroying every gem in the same column and row. They are created matching 5 gems in a shape of a T or an L

Hypercubes Edit

These gems appear as multicolor cubes. They first appeared in Bejeweled 2. When you swap them with another gem, all gems of that color will be destroyed. They are created matching 5 gems in a row.

Multipliers Edit

These gems appear as normal gems, except with a number. This number will be on your score HUD once you match it. It multiplies all your new points. At the end of the game, you will win your last multiplier by 100 coins. Example: Multiplier = 5. 5 x 100 = 500 coins.

Bonuses Edit

Speed Bonus Edit

This bonus is earned when you make many matches rapidly. This bonus can give more points when you reach the Blazing Speed Bonus.

Blazing Speed Bonus Edit

Gems start moving very fast. The board where the gems appear begins to flame. The effect is lost after 5 seconds of the board on flames. Then, you start the bonus again with more rapid moves. During this bonus, each valid move will explode like a flame gem. It requires fast gem switching.

Last Hurrah Edit

It is earned when the time is up. It destroys every special gem. You don't win the multipliers that appear (not even with a flame or star gem being destroyed first). The bonus continues until the gems settle.

Boosts and Coins Edit

Boosts will change how the game starts or ends in some way. They are helpful for winning points, bonuses and badges. You can use 3 boosts at the same time, and boosts work 3 games per buy.

Mystery Gem Edit

Any gem will be transformed to a random special gem (except multiplier) at game start.

Detonator Edit

This is a gem that appears on game start. When you click on it, every special gem (including multipliers) will be used.

Scrambler Edit

This is a gem that appears on game start. When you click on it, every gem on the board will change place. Good for two uses per game.

+5 seconds Edit

This gives you 5 seconds at the end of the game. 1:00 appears at the beginning of the game, but the 5 seconds are added after 0 seconds. Also a voice says "Extra Time".

Free Multiplier Edit

This will create a x2 multiplier at game start.

Coins Edit

Coins are for buying boosts. You can win them with coin gems. Offline coins are for when you don't connect to Facebook. Online coins are earned when connected to Facebook. They can also be bought for real world money using facebook credits.


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