Bemular (ベムラー Bemurā) is a fictional kaiju featured in the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman. He appeared in the show's first episode, "Ultra Operation No. 1", in which he was chased to Earth by Ultraman.

Subtitle: "Space Monster" (宇宙怪獣 - Uchū Kaijū)


History Edit

Escaping from the Monster Graveyard and with Ultraman in pursuit across the universe, Bemular made his way to Earth and landed in a lake, hiding itself while Ultraman crashed into Shin Hayata's ship, killing him. Out of grief, Ultraman merged with Hayata to both atone for his mistake and to better protect the planet. Meanwhile the Science Patrol went after Bemular, who was still hiding in the lake. Using a small sub plotted by the revived Hayata, Bemular was forced to come out of hiding after being blasted with several missiles. Bemular however grabbed the sub with his jaws and hurled it to the ground and proceeded to set it on fire with his heat beam

For the first time ever, Hayata used the Beta Capsule as directed by his savior and the being called Ultraman appeared to fight against Bemular. After a long and brutal fight, Ultraman used the Specium Ray to destroy Bemular as it was trying to escape again.

In an episode of Ultraman Tiga a similar monster to Bemular in appearance and origin named Yanakagi made an appearance. In the episode this monster was chased to Earth by the original Ultraman and was sealed in a lake but was released by an alien and fought both Ultraman and Ultraman Tiga and was defeated by their combined might.


Bemular is from Nebula M35. He is 50 meters (164 feet) tall and weighs 15,000 tons. He resembles a bipedal dinosaur with a spiky back, flat face, long body/neck and short arms. He shoots a blue heat ray from his mouth, similar to that of Godzilla's.

Just like Ultraman, he travels through space in a TravelSphere, which could fly at the speed of Mach 1.8 in the atmosphere.


  • Bemular's name was taken from one of the proposed series concepts for Ultraman, Bemular (ベムラー - Bemurā), which was subsequently renamed Scientific Special Search Party: Bemular (科学特捜隊 ベムラー - Kagaku Tokusō Tai - Bemurā). The proposed Bemular was completely different from the one that resulted - A bird-like humanoid monster with wings. The rights to the creature design were eventually sold to Nikkatsu, and the monster became Gappa.
  • The Bemular suit was later modified into that of the monster Gyango in Episode 11, "The Ruffian from Outer Space".
  • Bemular has the distinction of being the very first Ultraman Kaiju, and the first destroyed by the Specium Ray. However, as Ultra Q preceded Ultraman, he is not the first Ultra Kaiju, an honor belonging to Gomess.
  • He is also called Bemura.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The MovieEdit

This Monster reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Pursued by Ultraman Mebius throughout space, Bemular lands on a desert-like planet to do battle against Mebius. However, the battle was short and Ultraman Mebius defeats him with the Medium Ray.

Ironically (if not more fitting,) Bemular is the first monster to appear in the film.


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