Ben Garrison, popularly known as Zyklon Ben, is an American neo-Nazi political cartoonist and militant. He is known best for his bloody feud with the Jewish Internet Defense Force, who tamper with his original artwork and remove all Nazi references.

Thanks to the efforts of 4chan and 8chan's /pol/ boards, his original cartoons still circulate to this day. It is believed his original pseudonym was A. Wyatt Mann, who published white supremacist cartoons for Tom Metzger's White Aryan Resistance site.

It is unknown when Ben was born, but it might have been somewhere in Montana, where his base of operations is located. It is also unknown where his hatred of blacks and Jews stems from, but being a member of many neo-Nazi parties must have something to do with it. It is likely he is a timeless being like the members of the Triple K Mafia, as he is seen in Nazi-era propaganda at times. Ben is mentioned by name in the Nazi records for the Einsatzgruppen hundreds of times. He was enlisted in the Vietnam war and was said to extraordinarily effective winning many medals and honors, Ben laments on the time in a 2012 interview claiming he "killed more gooks than you could shake a burning cross at." He did not withdraw from Vietnam when the war ended despite several failed missions to subvert him by the U.S but endeavored to "finish the gook problem for good". He later went on to kill 5 million Vietnamese single handedly(mostly women and children) before leaving as he was "growing bored". This event greatly emboldened him.

He is known for having a notoriously high minority body-count. When he is not drawing cartoons or producing any other media, he is going on a rampage. This grabbed the attention of Moon Man, who formally invited him to join the Triple K Mafia, which he eagerly accepted. He collaborated with Moon Man to create the singles "All Day Nigger" and "Real Nazis", and he appeared on Moon Man's album, The Lunatic, on the song The Final Solution, where he killed at least 18 blacks during the recording of the album, so far the lowest amount he ever did in one session. He returned to the studio during The Killing Moon recording sessions and contributed to the collaborative remake of "Eugenics".

Ben appears to be sort of a mentor figure for Moon Man, and vice-versa. His undying thirst for minority blood and the death of all non-whites has not gone unnoticed. He is a berserker, known to be able to shrug off bullets (especially if they come from Israeli made weapons) and tear people apart with his bare hands.

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