Benden Weyr is the second of eight (by the end of the 9th pass) Weyrs on the planet of Pern in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern fantasy novel series.

Named for one of the Pern colony founders, Admiral Paul Benden, Benden Weyr was first led by M'hall (Michael Connell), rider of bronze Brianth and son of the Fort Weyr Weyrleaders, and his weyrmate Torene, rider of gold Alaranth. The mission, along with the founding of another 2 Weyrs (a number that by the end of the pass grew to 4 making a total of 6 Weyrs), was to accommodate the growing number of dragons and their riders. Benden Weyr is located within a double volcanic crater on the east coast of Pern near the Northern Barrier Range. Benden Weyr's symbol is a black Roman numeral II centered on a red diamond.


The leaders most frequently encountered in the chronicles are those from the ninth pass: F'lar, rider of bronze Mnementh, and Lessa, rider of gold Ramoth. Other Benden Weyrleaders include: K'dren on bronze Kuzuth and Levalla on gold Oribeth in the Sixth Pass; S'loner and Carola on Chendith and Feyrith; F'lon and Jora on Simanith and Nemorth in the eighth interval; R'gul and Jora on Hath and Nemorth; and M'shall and Irene on Craigath and Meranath; M'hall and Torene on Brianth and Alaranth were the first Weyrleaders for Benden.


There is a small hole that overlooks the Benden Hatching Grounds used by children at the Weyr to look at the eggs. This is later sealed up at the request of Lessa and Ramoth most likely after Ramonth's queen egg got stolen.

At the Weyr's establishment, the riders sent to it were apparently chosen by random chance, although this was actually planned by the Fort Weyr leaders. The First Weyrleaders were chosen as the riders of first queen to rise (Alaranth, rider Torene) and the bronze that caught her (Brianth, Rider Mihall). Who they would be was also planned by the Weyrleaders at Fort Weyr.

During the Second Long Interval, and into the start of the Ninth Pass, Benden Weyr was the only weyr left on Pern, the others having disappeared mysteriously with no trace or word except a cryptic "Question Song". This was answered by Weyrwoman Lessa, who went back in time to bring forward the other five weyrs.

During Dragonsblood, a set of secret rooms (later rediscovered by Jaxom and Felessan, and not to be confused with the peeping hole mentioned above) are built at Benden and used as a "lab" to prevent a plague amongst the dragons.

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