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Origins Edit

Ber Toun is a fictional world first Originated in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. The Town used to be a sprawling metropolis but after a commission from Zukuri Twilight to destroy the towns church a team of ragtag heroes decided to enlist the help of some Bears. While attempting Animal Empathy to communicate with the [bears] one of the characters failed the roll and only communicated half of the intentions to the underground bear civilization. The bears were basically told to raid the city and take over, all throughout the city now bears are the ruling majority with only traders and wanderers as the human population in the town.. on the front gates you will see a sign that reads Ber Toun thus how Ber Toun got its name.

Website Edit

Ber Toun has a fully functional website located at, the site has a geographical location in Chad and a fully functional blog at ( click on the picture ) and a Forum for posting comments and pictures depending on the topic of each forum.

Meme Edit

Ber Toun has in some circles become a functional MEME spawning e-mail addresses and chat rooms across the internet. The Ber Toun phenomenon has touched 4chan occasionally and has been mentioned for short times on other online pop culture sites.

The importance of Ber Toun Edit

Ber Toun is a place where people can come together, even though it is a fictional world people use Ber Toun as a common ground to communicate we all flock to Ber Toun to meet new people and learn about uncommon opinions towards anything from politics to internet pop culture.

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